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Can we bring the World Boss rush event back?


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Hi! Thanks for the roadmap for 2023 release, looking forward to seeing what you guys got planned!


I just wanted to post this in case anyone else wanted to chime in. I really love the World Boss Rush event. It was one of the first events I participated in GW2, and when it ran subsequently, I found it a great opportunity to connect with other players - old players and new players alike. I met my first ever guildmates during the WB Rush Event, I have so many fond memories and it adds an extra fun reason to revisit some of the bosses that a lot of us don't do so frequently anymore.


It's also friendly for Li players like me who cannot participate in SAB and JP-heavy festivals. So it was always my favorite, next to The Mad King's festival (no, I have never once completed the Clock Tower ahaha - my carpal tunnel says that is a big NOPE - but otherwise it's so awesome).


Can we please bring this one back? I'm not sure when it last occurred, I know when I took a year break it happened and when I returned it seemed to have been cut from the Festival rotation.


It's so much more fun than a gold sink festival or SAB, and accessible for players of all skills levels. It really brings connection within the community. The most well known Tyrian metas become such a lively and fun environment and there is something for everyone.


If anyone else would like to see this Festival/Event return, please join me in this request! 😃

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1 hour ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

Has been requested a lot lately, along with

  • Fractal Rush
  • Meta Event Rush

Since it wasn't mentioned in the latest official preview for the year, I doubt that we will see those again anytime soon. ☹️


They did actually mention 'bonus events' after festivals, though they did not specify anything. Fingers crossed, would be nice to get them again.

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Tried getting some feedback on it last year, would have been great for both the new players from the Steam release, and the returning ones from the End of Dragons release.

In my topic you have a full list of the occasional annual events they organized over the years , and should keep organizing in 2023 and the future, because of the social and fun factor benefits for the game.

@Josh Davis.7865 Send help.                 

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