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Make a copy of Amnytas as a WvW map


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With such a map ppl will need a flying mount to get to different location , and with a  flying mount in wvw i can already imagine the new méta : airborne rangers , no more siege weapons needed just "parachute" the whole squad in the enemy base and why not add the fireball from skyscale , i am sure ground ppl will be happy being bombarded by 4000 range fireballs ....

Can be a new map , but you will need to add bridges or portals and also safety guardrails all over cliffs or else it will knockback/fear fiesta.

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2 hours ago, Caitmonster.9036 said:

As funny as the suggestion is I couldn't see it working, as there aren't any land bridges between each of the bastions and WvW doesn't have updrafts. How precisely would you navigate? Flying Warclaws? 😆

new wvw skill to spent the points on - wvw skyscale, usable only on new edge of the mists amnytas map, edge of the mists now rotate, sometimes being amnytas sometimes being oldie edge of the mists 🙃

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