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Suggestions for new wvw mastery


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Raptors can now be used in WvW. Hard CC and/or the raptor losing all it's hp causes dismount CC for 2 seconds which cannot be broken with stunbreaks.

Can use raptors when in your territory and ooc for increased movement speed.Leap forward 300 distance for 50% of raptor stamina.Negate 1 movement imparing condition as 75% of raptor hp.**1 daze, fear or taunt can be negated as 75% of raptor hp.***Raptor leap evades attacks.

A new trap introduced,Caltrops: place this trap for 10 supply and when triggered by mounted players, causes dismount for 3 seconds. After triggered, non-mounted foes crossing over it are cripple for 5 seconds. Caltrops last for 10 seconds and applies both affects for the duration.

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@"Brother.1504" said:With the wvw overhaul an imminent reality what are some new wvw masteries you guys would like to see implemented?

Tactics mastery: each tactics has its own mastery line with bonuses when pulled. Bonus 100 supply and shield over Ewp as examples.

None related to combat tbh. Any potential new player is already at a disadvantage from power creep introduced by most of the masteries...even if it's "PPT gameplay" it's still grind-to-win power creep plain and simple. In a "pvp" mode.

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I'd like an extra Mastery/World Ability Point line intended for solo/scout/small groups/roamer players:


Tiers: 5Total points required: 60

(3) - The effects of First Aid Kits are doubled(10) - Gain access to the Marked Trap. This Trap applies the Marked effect, enabling your team to spot them as red dots on the map (Hits up to 3 targets within a range of 1200. Marked duration: 10 seconds)(20) - Upon killing a Sentry avoid the next Marked effect (Only applies to Sentries. ICD: 10 minutes)(35) - You are now able to place two of the same Trap (Environmental weapon. Does not include Siege Disabler Trap.)(60) - Chance to loot 1 supply from an enemy upon successful use of downed finisher (Does not stack with max supply carried. ICD: 180 seconds)


  • First Aid Kits are rarely used; the doubled effects primarily regarding swiftness will be ideal for players who don't have access to the swiftness boon
  • Marked is an interesting mechanic in it's own right - this may give players a better idea of fighting stealth-heavy classes by paying attention to the mini map
  • Sentries - attempting to add more incentive to take out sentries/distract the enemy via Marked effect
  • Double the Traps, double the fun - if you're a solo scout guarding a tower, being able to place two Supply Removal Traps allows you to contribute further to the defence of your objectives
  • Downed Finishers are pretty. Let's reward players quick n' ballsy enough to go in for that majestic finisher in the midst of zerg fights. I took into consideration an ICD so as not to make this feature unbalanced and let's be real - most zerg fights cleave the downed too fast to complete a successful finisher. At most - perhaps 5 players out of 30 may benefit from this feature.


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The not marked One, no... because I like for the enemy to see me coming. It prompts fights, OR I bypass the sentry.

I like the downed one with finishers. Though I think it should be up to 5 supply, Linda like the Dolyak one.

The rest, I don't feel strongly about either way, but this game s has me of the better attempts to Use WvW rank points.

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My idea is to use the concept of the special action key available in game. I think they should be unlock abilities and not connected to a tier like the other abilities. Each unlock should cost 50 mastery points. Depending on the ability of the game engine, the cost should either be personal supply or a long cool down

  • Watchmen's Eye - Mark an enemy up to 2000 units away for 20 seconds (5 supply or 60 sec cool down); This way you could deal with super fast and stealthy enemies like Thieves and Mesmers (or running away builds); the time also allows to get other close to you and help or take over the marked enemy; you need to watch the mini map more too. The durations seems to be a good compromise between too long and too short to look on the mini map for a second person.
  • Rotten Supplies - Affect an enemy Dolyak (short range or PBAoE) so that it does not deliver the carried supply, but instead decreases the supply at the structures by 20 each (5 supply or 2 min cool down). This would be an alternative to killing Dollies, because it is more effective to weaken a structure. you can stealthily drain a tower and than attack it when the defender has low supply to build counter siege or repair walls.
  • Supply Bags - You gain the ability to deposit your personal supply at a tower or keep. You are "the dolyak" and you could be very efficient with supplying a structure by running between a camp and a tower. There might have to be people sent out for you to stop the supply line. Supply runner builds vs. hunter builds could be played.
  • I am the best! - Create a temporary banner when used which creates a buff for 5 min. If you stomp someone that also has this buff, you gain some minor loot and an you generate an additional PPK score for your world. This way 1vs1 duels or GvG fights with both sides agreeing to the fight will generate higher rewards for both the players and the server. Since it only works on consenting partners, ganking players is not encouraged. The stomp also does not allow tagging by many players.
  • Dolyak Handling - This is the counter skill to Rotten Supplies; you can strip the debuff from the dolly and would also speed up the dolyak with Swiftness for 1min. The speed buff would work only when the dolly was affected by Rotten Supplies. The use of the skill should award participation, so a dolly escort person, who contributes to the game mode would be favoured over being AFK to gain pips.
  • Trap Expert - Your traps (items, not skills) placed on the ground have an 50% area of coverage and deploy twice as fast. I really think that traps should be played with more often.
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