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Outfit Shoulder toggle please!

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With the new Elonian Elementalist outfit, I really wish we had the ability to toggle certain pieces of the outfit by way of the shoulder toggle. The ribbons on the female version really put me off buying it. To name a few others:

  • The Imperial outfit: the funny wing things on your back.
  • Raiment of the Lich: the feathery shoulder pieces.
  • Primeval Dervish: the collar.
  • Dynamics Exo-Suit: the holograms.
  • edit: First Follower Desmina: the timelord-esque piece on the male version. Horrible clipping with the current hairstyle my ele has.

List any other pieces you would toggle, if you had this ability.

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The shoulders ruin many outfits, IMO. And this seems like an ideal solution. But from what Anet has said in the past, outfits were designed to have the head piece toggle visible/hidden. but only the head piece. So unlike armor sets which are six pieces, outfits are only two pieces,(head and everything else) and this would require a major rework of the outfit system.

Though seriously, as many outfits as are ruined by the shoulders, I think it would be worth Anet's time and effort to either rework the outfit system, or reign in the person(s that think we all want such huge, outlandish shoulder pieces in our outfits.

re: list any other pieces you would toggle - I'd toggle off the shoulders on about 50% of the gem store outfits.

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@Lahmia.2193 said:List any other pieces you would toggle, if you had this ability.

The gigantic spiky shoulderpads on the male version of Rox's Pathfinder outfit. I keep wondering how my guardian doesn't impale himself in the face...nevermind how my thief manages to not jab a spike through his head with all the flippy twirly acrobatic moves he pulls off. Heck, even just looking from side to side seems uncomfortable. And as for idle animations...I'm pretty sure my sylvari actually does poke his little leafy brain out every time he rubs the back of his neck and runs his hand through his hair.Not to mention the shoulders are just...disproportionately huge on certain body types.

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I keep crying for that outfit overhaul since about release.../me points at line #3

  • Dyes & options saved per outfit for easy swapping
  • Separate dye channels for each outfit part
  • Show/hide checkboxes for shoulder & hands (instead of inheriting from real armor)
  • Option [show|Hide|Use real armor] for head
  • maybe hotkeys for the outfit sub-window & toggle outfit?
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@samo.1054 said:Uhm. If you hide your armor shoulderpads the outfit shoulders should disappear. Atleast that's how it works with helmets...

Turning off other pieces (such as gloves) does actually work for some of the earlier outfits, however, iterations of outfits since then do not benefit from this feature for some reason, and only allow you to turn off the helmet. I can understand why in cases where the individual pieces are more streamlined or look like they are connected, but I'm not sure why they don't allow you to turn off the shoulders in cases where they are clearly detached and separate from the rest of the outfit.

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