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Help. Anyone know the skin color of this NPC?

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I believe that it will be impossible to tell you just like that.

The amount of existing colors is enormous and there are many similar colors. From your picture, it could be a shade of brown or grey or even green. Hard to say. At the top of it, I am not sure that the colors on NPCs are all existing as dyes for players.

Sorry, not much help possible. :3

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It's possible to figure this out, but it will take some technical detective work. If you do the initial work, I'm sure you can get help from others to narrow it down (details below).

Using a high quality screenshot, use the eyedropper function of whatever image-editing utility you have (the fancier ones are better, of course, but even "Paint" will do in a pinch). From that, you can grab the RGB code (or any of the other ways of identifying colors).

Then you have two options: you can compare to the armor dyes. The best tool for that imo is GW2 BLTC. You can type the RGB code and search and the site will return the best fit (some caveats apply). In some cases, the name of an armor dye will match the name of a character skin color too; in most cases, probably not.https://www.gw2bltc.com/en/tool/dye/search

Another option is to use the wiki. On each page, there's a palette of colors available (e.g. human default & exclusive). If you edit the page, you can see the Hex (or CSS or Web) code for the color and there are all sorts of utilities for determining which match the RGB.Unfortunately the wiki doesn't have the in-game names, but fortunately it does display the colors in in-game order, so it's not that challenging to find the match.

I realize that might require a steeping learning curve than you were hoping. If that's the case, do the first bit of research: eyedropper the color(s) and come back with the RGB and/or hex code that you are trying to match. Post that data here and some of us can help you figure out which color(s) are closest.

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