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Do you still use an invuln skill in ranked pvp?


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No invulns whatsoever, power soulbeast (modified soulboon). Not even a single block - went full glass with zerker amulet, took the build to plat 2 last season.

I actually get a lot of sustain from being able to escape and Jacaranda heal spam (and long duration regen), but burst survival all comes down to having a stunbreak and evade ready. Thankfully on my build I'm generally the one ambushing and nuking, but it's still nerve-wracking to have almost no solid answer to some classes' burst.

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Thanks for all the responses. I asked the question initially for two reasons. First, I've changed my build (significant changes) at least four times this season. Second, while there have been some very talented ranger mains build crafting on soulbeast while I was gone from the game, I don't know if metabattle really has the very best information right now. Know what I mean?

Signet of Stone getting buffed was one of the pleasant surprises for me, upon returning. 3 seconds isn't much...... but it's such a low cooldown, and it still works in lieu of a stunbreak. I've played a bit with Unflinching Fortitude as well. For pvp, the options aren't great but I think if you're going to take a pet for this skill then it's between the Siamoth or the Alpine Wolf. I shied away from Siamoth for a long time, so Alpine Wolf was my pick. It's very easy to talk yourself into thinking an 800 range leap is good enough (to save your butt, to rotate...), and for map mobility it probably is, but in my experience, the difference between an 800 or 1200 leap is life and death; especially if you're outnumbered.

I've played a fair amount with no invuln skill as well. Load up on evades and go! It works quite well up til the point you get chain cced........ But then, if your pet swap is on cooldown and you have the wrong pet up, or can't get to the right pet for whatever reason, or don't have enough time to meld with pet and then cast Unflinching Fortitude, yes it has a cast time, then you die anyway.

In any case, I'm back to taking a pet for Unflinching Fortitude. I love Moa and Dolyak stance, and I like having a second stun break on my bar. This leaves no room for stone. I've gone for Siamoth this time though, paired with owl (damn you metabattle). As I see it, as pets Siamoth and Alpine Wolf both have situationally strong (more often irrelavent) f2s, equivalent pet skills otherwise, but melding with Siamoth is much stronger. Come the next big losing streak, I'm sure I'll change my build again.

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