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Time gated Point of Interest at Fortress of Jahai

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In the east courner of Jahai Bluffs there is one Point of Interest locked behind a race event - I have not found a other way to reach this point. It is the second time I do map completion on the new map. It seems, the event accours every 20 minutes (not confirmed! But I just waited about 20 minutes + 5 minutes race preparation).


As always, I was very happy to find all the Tasks, Waypoints, etc. on the map on my own, and I'm eager to do map completion with all my other characters. But in view of further characters, this point slows down the progress for competion.

To be fair: In Kourna there is another Point of Interest locked behind a Event (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Help_Researcher_Emm_track_the_origin_point_of_the_mutated_rats].The difference is, you do a Heart Task in the immediate vicinity and you cross the path of Emm at least one time for other Points of Interests. So you spend a fair amount of time to have a good chance to get this point on the map. However, in Jahai, you just drop by, get your Visa and Points of Interests and carry on. So you have to wait for the event or drop by from time to time.

Is there no better solution for this?

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Just north of the Yatendi Village Vista there is a cave. You just go into the cave right up to the closed gate and it will give you that hidden PoI. Its not as high as the Vista, you can ride right into the cave on the level with the sand path.

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@Maria Murtor.7253 said:Is there no better solution for this?Story works for any weirdly-gated PoIs in the LS4 maps.

I think the worst one is Thunderhead Peaks: the purple room PoI has two gates: you must have the LoD plate to access any room (that costs significant time or money) and you must get lucky that when you are doing the puzzle, the Purple room is one of the keys that drop.

Kourna has one that is locked behind an event.

And of course Dragon Stand has several PoIs, a pet, and some hero points that can't be reached except during or after the meta.

Nice tip about the cave near the village for Jahai; I didn't know about that one.

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