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what weapon would you wish for the thief next ?


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Mace — a weapon used to control enemies, weaking them and reduces their defense. Stealth attack would be something like "hit your foe's head from shadows, stunning them and dealing heavy damage". Of course it would be a slow weapon.Axe — slash your foe, break defense, throw an axe at your foe. This should be a brutal weapon.

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I read some one saying politician should be the new elite specialisation as a joke. I actually love this idea!

Focus off hand...Minister Caucedus/his lot/Faren/cry baby nobles themed. Instead of being assasin oriented...supports team in sleazy ways. Behind the shadows bribes healing rezzing would be the new nerf teef theme!. Hiding the truth from citizens to stay in power through blind spam. But like politicians once they get in the open with no one to protect them they get brutally assasinated. The irony is the teef is the best man to do the job!

Steal becomes negotiate, I dunno what it would do. Shadow abilities become...defensive abilities of some sort. Utilities become commands? so that ranger isnt the snowflake that has commands out of no where? Or manipulations?

Now I am sad..it'll never happen.

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