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Soulbeast is not an issue. "Sic 'Em!" is.


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@"bigo.9037" said:It's really easy to nerf sicem without making it unplayable. While also making it better for risk/reward gameplay. Reveal effect for same time, remove dmg buff in seconds and instead"Your pet (player while merged) does 40% extra dmg on the next 3-4 hits"

There you go. Melee dmg is now high but you can't get instagibbed from 1500 range.

Not sure if someone said this already (long thread is long, still reading) but this would only work as long as the damage charges have a duration as well. If it works like doom and leeching sigils and the charge just sits on your bar until you hit something, you make it possible to precast while out of combat, do the long range combo, then still have sic 'em ready for maul and worldly impact if the other guy survives and closes the gap.

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The removal of Unstoppable Union's unblockable effect was unnecessary. Although yes, there are other ways to access unblockable as a Ranger/Soulbeast, I don't think it was an issue. There are so many reflects and projectile killers in this game that it was kind of necessary to have, especially in large scale fights. Having an unblockable effect combined with the massive damage boost from "Sic 'Em!" was an issue but since the damage boost has now been adjusted the unblockable effect wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal. I don't think Unstoppable Union needed to be changed. A slight increase on cooldown, maybe to 10 seconds, would have been fine if they wanted to adjust it in some way.

Anyway, I'm just glad they focused on balancing the right thing. Soulbeast will still be effective and this will also make core Ranger a more appealing choice for some. Soulbeast was a little overnerfed with the change to Unstoppable Union, but at least their attention was on the elite spec rather than inadvertently nerfing core as well.

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