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My idea for staff rework.


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It would be really nice to have staff as an ofensive weapon on necro. Staff could be good for both condi and power damage. No symbols.

  1. Damage of the AA staff skill should be greatly increased.
  2. Send a slow moving orb that explodes dealing moderate damage and inflicting torment to your foe and nearby enemies (cooldown 12s)
  3. Curse your foe by blinding and poisoning it. Unblockable (cooldown: 10s).
  4. Push back your foes with a blast of dark energy (cooldown: 15s).
  5. Create a field of grasping hands at your targeted location. The hands will randomly rise from the ground, dealing damage, bleeding and crippling enemies (cooldown: 30s).
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I doubt they'll remove marks as they have always been heralded as a necro unique skill. I think staff should fulfill a more supportive role through offensive play like staff 2 where it will bleed an enemy and give regeneration to allies within the triggered mark. Soul Marks should turn staff into such a supportive weapon, giving each mark a boon:-Mark of Blood: Vigor along with the regeneration-Chilblains: Quickness or alacrity-Putrid Mark: Resistance-Reaper's Mark: Stability

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My thoughts:

AA needs to needs a 25% velocity increase and at least 25% increased damage.Mark of blood should also produce a bit of healing in addition to the regen (1000 + 0.1*healing power).Increase CD to 5 seconds.Chilblains should see a 10-15% damage increase and convert boons into conditions, 2-3 boonsPutrid Mark is solid as is.Reaper's Mark needs a large damage increase. The coefficient is 0.275 currently, perhaps a 0.75 coefficient would be enough.

Make the radius of the marks match their blast radius, so 300 radius and 300 blast radius.

Soul Marks should also reduce the recharge of Marks by 20%.

The problem with Staff is that it is a utility weapon that does several small things that are useful, but not enough to make it a primary weapon. Increasing Chilblains' damage and giving it boon conversion helps Power and Condi damage, increasing Reaper's Mark helps with damage as well, giving Mark of Blood a small heal on a short CD gives more support for the front line/minions, and buffing the AA speed helps generate LF, and making the damage not tickle is just a nice thing to do seeing as it isn't a condi AA.

I don't think a massive rework of staff is needed because like I said it does a lot of very nice things. Those nice things just need buffing.

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