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Dragon Bash choir missing

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If they aren't singing when you get there, wait a bit in the line of revelers across the hall center and they'll start.

The problem I've had with them is they are so quiet. I've tried all the sound sliders (even Player Instrument Volume, just to test), I've run around the floor trying to see if it was louder in some spot since sound is quieter when further for your character, and nothing boosts them. The rest of the ambient sounds and music are just fine, it's only the reveler chorus that is so muted for me.

(I know in the past I found out my speakers needed to be set to regular stereo rather than surround sound to hear things like the music during Cleansing Orr, but I've done that, so that shouldn't be the issue now).

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I've not had any trouble hearing it (to the great disappointment of my husband), but it does only play in the Great Lodge.

It's on the music slider, the first day I turned everything right down and the music all the way up to hear it clearly...then realised I'd have to put them all back where they were (not the defaults) and I still haven't got it quite right so I won't be doing that again. But turning the music up should help if it's quiet.

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On a similar note, I'm a bit disappointed that the Dragon Bash March wasn't put in the character selection screen like was done during the original Dragon Bash back during LS season 1. Seems like an odd oversight, and I don't believe its something that they weren't able to do on a technical level, they managed it before some years ago.

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