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Idea: Rotating Open World Nightmare mode mist/storm

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Somebody in the other thread on things they feel Anet did wrong, mentioned the old Nightmare mode in GW1. GW1 wasnt a MMO, so most people would not be cool with a instanced GW2 world like that.

But one of the major complaints is the lack of hardcore open world content on a constant basis.

I understand that Open world content has to be casual and accessible under most circumstances for the masses of players to be able to play and e joy their stay.

Well I have a solution for this. My idea here wont take away the casual accessibility of the open world gameplay permanently as it would if the whole game was just made harecore. No.

Here's the solution. A roaming Mist of some weird magic origin boost the creatures of the zone turning them into creatures of extreme legendary danger. Making the zone a place that is extremely dangerous to travel alone. (This the lore to explain it for immersion purposes)The Hostile NPCs all get a damage boost and health boost and special skills added that take more tactic than normal to fight. Events are much harder than normal. Certain areas of the map have large environmental hazards that effect fights. There are new NPC boss creatures of different kinds in the zone that aren't on the normal map, and these bosses have powerful player population scaling abilities that adapt to growing pool of players that join the fight.

This Nightmare mist is on a timer and goes from one zone to the next when it's time is up, returning the zone back into it's normal form and transforming the next zone.

With this model, the open world gets a constant stream of Hardcore open world group content, while also still keeping the game world overall still casual friendly to players not into that hardcore kind of gameplay. Everybody wins.


In an effort to make this appealing, with the harder mobs, comes better reward drops at increased rate, and this mode can have its own special currency drop from mobs and bosses in the Roaming Mist zones that can be turned in for rewards.


Instanced Content comes with a certain min max mentality that isnt always as accepting to certain class/builds. There has always been a pressure of this across the MMO genre as a whole when it comes to hard instanced content. This is where the appeal of Hard Open World content comes in. Some people dont like being required to be in a group or Guild to do Hard PvE content, which tend to be the case for most PvE Raids generally speaking. Many players still want Harder Content, but without that burden of what comes with organized hard instance groups

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@Westenev.5289 said:I don't know. This idea doesn't quite have the same flare that Verdant Brink had at launch..

I, for one, feared that night.

HoT is still my all time favourite MMO expansion. VB night felt like the first time I landed in Orr. Scary stuff, you really had to pay attention. Alas as mentioned, people don't want to play the game, they just want a forever resetting progress bar that pats them on the back every 45 minutes.

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@"mindcircus.1506" said:The problem with your idea is the Toxic Casuals who believe the following:

  1. The game should not be difficult in any way shape or form.
  2. There should be no goals in the game that take time and effort to achieve.
  3. All rewards in this game are theirs by entitlement alone.
  4. All instances should be able to be easily solo'ed by the lowest common denominator.In short there is a very vocal minority of players who think raid rewards should be accessible by anyone in mismatched blue and green gear by pressing 1 at Karka queen.

Arenanet is using their limited resources to balance all content other than raids and fractals around this group's desires and skill floor. The moment they do not, this forum explodes into entitled babyrage.Before any ideas that incorporate an increase in difficulty are considered, you will first need to change Arenanet's mind about this design choice.

Win that fight before you spend any of your mental energy playing armchair dev on "hardcore" or "challenge" ideas. We currently have a Personal story that can be beaten by a ranger pet and LW instances without a fail condition...by design.

Iam a major casual and i disagree with all those. Most causal want to easily join others for group fights but not be required to be in a guild to do it. This why legendary metas are so popular. More easy to get a Teq group together than a instanced pve content in vanilla. LFG made things a lot easier though as well.

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I would love something like this. Another challenging pve gameplay option.How I see it we have 2 options: Raids, Fractals. All fine and good but they are on daily and weekly timers for their full rewards.I think adding in a third game mode that is a challenging alternative to zerg gold farming would be a great addition to the game.

Of coarse it would have to be balanced in gold per hour so that the game can stay in it's niche of, "a game for all", for lack of better words. I love this game and it's combat system. As a semi-casual I'd highly enjoy grinding content that keeps me on my toes (with decent fps) in the same way I used to farm istan in zergs for gold.

Personally I would like unique skins, titles, and achievements from it. I realize this could cause an upset due to the content being inaccessible for the casual crowd but a possible solution could be friendly team play. For example me and my girlfriend are T4 fractal vets and don't mind at all carrying people through. This new content could be just like that for helping other's obtain its cosmetics and achievements but when done at an optimal pace all those involved gain gold comparable to zerg farming metas. I'm thinking 1-3 player content.

But I digress. I like your open world challenge idea too. Maybe add a de-buff when more than 5-10 players gather to decentivize zerging and have things going on everywhere on the map to make up for it. (Was old verdant brink like that? Hard to remember. If there wasn't a zerging factor and it was actually challenging disregard that idea). There must be a sweetspot where hardcores and casuals alike can be like "Hey that new gamemodes pretty goooood". Even if one type does it more than the other.

Edit: I realize my response is more like my own idea and start of a thread than a response to your idea. This topic has been on my mind and I got carried away. Regardless, just look at it like an addition and lovenote to the general idea I guess. lol

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