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Question: For WvW Meta builds why no Warrior meta build has Toughness stat?


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Stat wise a warrior doesn't need a lot in regards to defense and sustain.

@"DemonSeed.3528" said:There's always rousing resilience or dolyak if you really needed some outside of gear, though it's rarely you would need to do so. For me i like to go damage before defense on warrior but that's just the flavor I like.

You can get high values of toughness though if you want it by using Rousing Resilience. If you want to try a bunker Zerker then try this:


That's about 5k armor after breaking a stun along with 4k healing per stunbreak, with 5 stunbreaks on the bar and 2 that are traited, most of which are on a short CD. With the new Shrug It Off you'll also heal for any condi you cleanse.

You can forgo the extra healing on the stunbreaks for extra vitality or toughness with a different rune set. Dolyak Runes in particular are a decent choice in that regard. Doing that and taking a momentum sigil will take you to about 5.8k armor with retaliation up after a stun break.

Granted by doing that you've sacrificed a great deal of damage and utility, but if bunker is what you are looking for then this is how to do it as a Berserker. Headbutt, Outrage, and Savage Instinct comb quite well with Rousing Resilience, more so than anything Spellbreaker offers, but then Spellbreaker has other ways of mitigating damage.

If you were going the Spellbreaker route, then focus on evades, Double EP, Sigil of Draining, MMR, and every source of Might you can find.

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@Dawdler.8521 said:A warrior at 0/0 toughness/vitality stats has about the same sustain as every other class at 1000/1000 toughness/vitality, that's why.

Thats some salt right there.You do realize that 1000vita are 10.000 health? Even low hp classes with +1000 vita have 22k hp, while warriors have 19k without any vitaMedium hp would be at 26k hpHigh hp would be on 29k (engi and necro)

1000 toughness...Cloth armored classes have 1920 armor base (2920 with +1000 toughness)Warriors base is 2211, only ~300 more than cloth baseMedium armor is at 2064 base (3064 with +1000 toughness)

Those stats are far tankier than warrior base. Great exaggeration you made there.

To op:Warriors have to build like that to actually have a chance to kill stuff, because they are full melee and thus kiteable (im often running full berserk in roaming and its still almost impossible to kill those tank/condi weaver, that are running around quite alot, while they can indeed kill a warrior), they have active dmg mitigations to make up for the lack of tankstats, otherwise they would just implode on contact(for roaming anyways)

For zerging in wvw im playing a shoutwarrior with full cleric stats (healingpower, power, toughness)With sword/horn + hammerTactics, spb and defense.Which is fun and actually useful next to being a bubblebot.

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Toughness doesn't even reduce condition damage, which is the biggest problem for (at least for me) Warriors.Given the overgrowth of condition damage and specs, it's either you kill it fast, or you are dead.Toughness would neither help Warrior sustain against them, nor help cutting them down.

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