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How to nerf Core Necro and FB in 2v2 without impacting 5v5 balance?


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aren't they buffed in conquest as well?

I wouldn't take 2v2 balance too serious if I were anet

some weaknesses don't get into play as much in this mode, like low mobility

you can't play something like old fresh weaver as well cuz you cant burst and completely desingage like you do in conquest

I'd made very clear this is a fun mode and the balance doesn't target it mainly

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Maybe they could remove from PvP the amulets used for “tanky” builds, letting the “tankiness” of every profession mainly come from skills and traits.

Necromancer still has a lot of big weaknesses, it also has bad damage (especially necro core) and without these amulets:1- Necromancer will be lass tanky.2- Other professions will be forced into amulets that allow to do more damage (good damage and CC should be required to counter necromancers, since it is designed to be extremely weak to that).

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@Swagger.1459 said:

@Aktium.9506 said:Suggestions?

I can't think of anything. Not anything that wouldn't end up affecting 5v5 at least. And that's just unacceptable.

How about no. This game isn’t GW2v2 online.

I know man but it would be sad if they do to 2v2 what they did to Stronghold. Which is abandon it completely as soon as it runs into some balance issues. They did the same with underwater combat. So they have a history of abandoning things they would have had to work on to balance. Maybe it will be different this time.

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