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Noob needs class help

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You can do high end PvE with every class if you know what you are doing and have the right build, but the concept of fun is highly subjective. I don't know what is "fun" to you, so my advice is to create a level 1 character of each class and then enter the PvP lobby (or use level 80 booster in trial mode if you have it in your inventory) and play around a bit against the golems and the NPCs (or do the events in the Silverwastes if you are using the booster). Then choose the class you feel like was the most enjoyable to play.

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Most of the people I've learned from say that class difficulty goes like this:


Necromancer - summon a bunch of minions and pressing auto-attack is probably enough to get you through the basic game story and up to level 80. If you want to get really good, you'll have to put in more effort of course, but with minions tanking damage for you and dishing it out, and effectively two health bars (one is your F1 ability), Necromancer is probably one of the most survivable and toughest classes out there.

Warrior - toughness, hit points, and heavy armor make this class a lot more forgiving and survivable. Wide variety of effective weapons for you to work with. I find them kind of boring, but solid class.

Hunter - Pet tanks damage and dishes it out without you having to do too much with it. Longbow works well at range, but eventually you'll want to transition to more of a close combat style for maximum damage. Easy mechanics.

Guardian - Not really a tank class, more like a heavy armor mage class. Has very low hit points - so less survivable than the Warrior, but heavy armor helps with survivability. Solid weapon skill sets that are easy to learn and do well with.


Revenant - Heavy armor, weapon skills that are harder to make work effectively than the Guardian or Warrior. You have to learn how to swap between two different sets of support abilities depending on which legendary character you are channeling.

Engineer - Durable and puts out damage easy enough - but you have to learn to swap between multiple tool kits in order to get best damage output. That can be confusing.

Mesmer - You fight by generating and destroying clones along with other various abilities, that can take some getting used to. Very survivable class due to the monsters going after your clones. But you can't face-tank damage like the easier classes - survivability depends on you mastering and using a lot of evasion abilities. In raids, Mesmers are the tanks - which is not an easy role to play in a raid.


Thief - super-fragile class. Relies on a lot of positioning and dodging to stay alive and use abilities best. You really have to work on a thin margin close to death to succeed. Which hard for new players.

Elementalist - another really fragile class that dies easily. On top of that, they have four times more abilities you have to swap between than other characters. Like all classes - you get five basic combat abilities that change depending on the weapon equipped. But with Elementalists, those abilities change depending on what elemental magic you are attuned to. So you'll have five combat abilities when attuned to Fire magic. But then you switch to Water magic and you get five completely different weapon skills. Same for Earth and Air. This effectively gives you 20 different skills you need to keep track of and swap between. Some builds can kind of get away with just using Fire or Air the whole time for big damage - but both your damage and survival is going to depend on you switching out skillfully between elements for the single spells you need to make yourself that much better. This becomes necessary in the more difficult content. Problem of too many abilities gets even worse when you pick up the Weaver elite spec in Path of Fire.

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Post number four about sums it up. I'll add to it a little bit. If you can afford it, fork out the thirty bucks and buy the game. Create an instant level 80 and run through the first story portion of Path of Fire, this gives you a mount. Having a mount early on when you're first leveling, makes everything much easier and faster. This way, if you're not happy with a certain class, you can always delete it and start another. As always though, with any threads like this, it's always going to come down to personal preference. A class that someone loves, you may find extremely boring.

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@Repentz.2156 said:Hey everyone :)

Just need some help/ opinions on picking a class.I want a class to main and put my time into. I don’t get a lot of time to play so I won’t be able to have alt’s.

I’m after a fun class that is great at Pve and end game content.

All classes are capable at being great in PvE/end game. If you're looking for what will be meta in all environments currently guardian is used in every environment in the game and is essential for endgame PvE content like raids/high fractals etc. They have all different styles of play too from high aoe burst builds like dragon hunter/core guard, burn builds (condi), support/condi/hybrid builds with firebrand. Lots of options there. Don't let that discourage you from other classes though as everything is used and when mastered all things are good in all environments.

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