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Healing Power And Healing

Sugar Min.5834

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I noticed some Runes give Healing Power while others give only Healing. Is there a difference between the two, Healing Power and just Healing? If there is, which is better? If they are the same, why the different names? : P

Runes like Rebirth, Scourge and Druid >>> + Healing Power.Runes like Altruism, Monk, Water, Grove, Dwayna, Flock and Nature's Bounty >>> + Healing.

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@"Mil.3562" said:OMG I suddenly I remembered that I asked this before and I found these replies in another thread. But still I don't quite understand how they work.

The Thread is here > https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/87493/whats-next-after-antitoxin-rune#latest

If something gives +10 Healing Power then its exactly the same as +10 Healing.

Its just old runes vs updated/new runes.

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@Mil.3562 said:

@Burn.5021 said:Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between Healing and Healing Power.

There is a difference?

@Burn.5021 said:Indeed.

Healing Power
is a secondary attribute that improves all healing performed by the character, including healing from skills, traits, the regeneration boon, and certain other effects."
Total healing = source-specific base healing + Healing Power * source-specific scaling factor

is a gameplay mechanic for replenishing the health of a character or NPC."
"Healing scales linearly with healing power depending on the source. For example, each point of Healing Power adds 0.125 healing towards Regeneration."

This is why some runes have Healing and others Healing Power, with Healing obviously being more direct.

Ya, altho like others have said here, some skills scale very good with healing power and others do not. when you think about probably one of the highest scaling healing abilities in the game (traited soothing mist with a 2.0 heal scale factor) if you are healing for 8000 with 0 healing mods, you end up getting more contributions from healing mods as you increase your healing power. And as your healing mods go up, the contiribution from them goes down as it approaches equilibrium with the healing power. So again if 2k healing power yields 8000 healing (assume no baseline) than 10% mod is 800 healing, which is equivalent to 400 healing power.

If you are healing for 4000 healing with 1k healing power with a mod of 100% that’s equivalent to 1000 healing power. So the less healing power you have the less healing mods are worth, the more healing power you have the more healing mods are worth.

Last example if you have 8000 healing with 2k healing power and 100% mods you have an effective Extra 2k healing power (4000 healing power. In contrast having 4K healing power with 0 mods yields only 16,000 healing. So you have to have an extra 1k healing power (a total of 5k healing power) to match the 100% in mods. Thus finding equilibrium between the two is the best option in almost all cases. The equilibrium point depends on the scaling factor of the ability in question

So accordingly, Sigil of Benevolence works slightly better than Sigil of Life for Scrapper?

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@Mil.3562 said:So accordingly, Sigil of Benevolence works slightly better than Sigil of Life for Scrapper?Scrapper's primary job in a Zerg is not to heal.Neither Life, nor Benevolence are good choices.That said, Benevolence provides a stronger benefit than Superior Sigil of Life, however Superior Sigil of Benevolence only affects healing towards other allies.

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Just to clarify on that statement I made in that post (prepare for a long read), everything that was said is true, but i can better explain the relationship between the mods and healing power;

Basically, the equation that governs the relationship between base healing, heal scaling and healing power is rather elegant. Basically what it boils down to is what’s called the Healing Amplitude.

The Healing Amplitude is as the word implies the amplitude of the final healing number you output. The reason this matters is because of the relationship to additive numbers and percentages, much like the power damage equations.

As a general example, if I heal you for 1 million healing with a single skill, the following statement must be true:

1) The relationship between Healing Coefficients and Healing Modifiers scales with the amplitude, and are inextricably linked.

Let’s take that example of 1 million healing. Let’s assume that it has 0 heal scaling and it’s base healing is 1 million. This means that even if you have infinite amount of Healing Power, than the percentage that healing mods will provide to you can be infinitesimally small and Healing Mods will still win out. The caveat here is that any contribution from healing mods will be exponentially large. Even 1% would give you 10,000 additional healing.

Now imagine the same scenario, but if the Healing Amplitude was small, like 10. Again, if the base is 10 and the Heal Scaling is 0, than any infinitesimally small contribution from healing mods will win out over healing power. However, the contribution from modifiers will be near negligible, where 1% healing mods equates to .1 additional healing.

So in general, the higher the amplitude of healing, the more contribution that healing mods grant to you. Now, when Heal scaling is thrown into the mix, you now have a point at which the heal scaling will eventually come to equilibrium with the modifiers contribution, and the higher the amplitude, the more heal scaling AND Base Healing is needed for the two values to converge, and as you add more to those two values, so does the modifiers contribution. You can think of this as a monster that eats itself to get bigger.

So as another example, take a heal that heals for 1million, with a 0 base heal. The Heal Scaling will determine how much Healing Power is needed to reach that 1 million, so in this case we could imagine that if you have 1000 healing power, the heal coefficient would have to be 1,000:1 (1000%). When you start adding Heal modifiers, each percent is about 10,000 additional Healing. So if 1 healing power is equal to 1000 more healing, and 1% of Healing mods is 10,000 healing, you can see that even though heal scaling is very high, the modifiers win out still because the healing amplitude is so large, by an order of magnitude of 10.

And in the case when the amplitude is small like 10, it is impossible to have a heal coefficient that is high, because if you are only healing for 10, there is no mathematical way to have this number so low without also having a low coefficient... in this case, if you had 0 base healing, the coefficient must be on the order of .01% (1 healing per 100 healing power). This then means that the relationship of the equation is based solely on the sheer amplitude of the healing, rather than any other elements in the equation.

So the information to take away here is that, the smaller the healing amplitude, then the smaller the healing coefficient is going to be and by proxy the smaller the base heal has to be, and again by proxy the less contribution that healing mods provide to you. Additionally, The larger the heal amplitude, the larger the coefficient must be, and by proxy the larger benefit that healing mods give to you. Because base heal is an additive variable, the base heal doesn’t scale the larger the coefficient is.

Lastly, notice how I setup these examples, and that I point out they are for a single skill. You can extrapolate this idea past the Lens of just a single skill and just apply it to Total HPS in general.

Let’s say you heal a group of allies for 1 million healing per minute, than this is your healing amplitude. Let’s now say that you want to be healing your allies for 2 million healing per minute, than you can tell just from the information above, that using healing mods will almost always be more beneficial to you than any other scenario simply because of the role amplitude plays into healing, especially if you can reach large numbers like this.

The calculation for figuring that out is as follows:

Let’s say you have 1000 healing power and 50% modifiers and this right now is getting you 1 million heals per minute across your entire build. This means 25% of that healing is coming from your healing modifiers, and that the remaining 750,000 is coming from your skills coefficients and base healing. Let’s imagine we can push our healing mods to 100%. This means that instead of 25%, 50% our healing contribution comes from mods, turning 750,000 to 1.5 million. This means that if we want to have a 2 million healing amplitude, we need to add 250,000 healing amplitude via healing power. To achieve this additional contribution we “probably” need an additional 380 (1380 instead of 1000). So now with 1380 healing power and 100% mods, our base heal is now 1 million instead of 750,000, and we hit our 2 million healing amplitude mark, and thus our healing modifiers gave us a "free" 250,000 additional heal for our contribution of just 380 healing power, courtesy of percentages relationship to these equations.

The idea here is that you push your build to the maximum by getting as high of a healing amplitude as you can and then using modifiers to increase that number exponentially further. You can see that if you had just stacked more healing power rather than modifiers, that you wouldn't obtain the same result, and in fact you’d need probably 3 times the amount of Healing Power to get anywhere near the same benchmark of 2 million, without modifiers.

This is the case when amplitudes are high where modifiers have a much greater impact, and so typically, modifiers become less and less valuable as healing amplitude decreases. But because of the relationships I stated earlier, it doesn’t mean that healing power will necessarily be better than modifiers. It all depends on the amplitude of healing that you are pumping out.

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