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(pvp)watch warrior getting nerfed in 1-2 months


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@"Dadnir.5038" said:It's just daze, the most harmless cc in game, I doubt full counter will be nerfed. Thought, hammer could very well take the hammer.

2 second duration hard CC on 8 3/4 second cooldown is not "just" daze lolright now damage have shaved to a point where allowing healbreaker to run discipline instead of defense and still be almost unkillable.majority thanks to full counter of course.

tho power warrior still sucks because there's no way for warrior to land damage other then CC chains.

as the current trend of meta, warrior will predictable go back to the old, tanky build and does little damage and kill enemy on point in 4 mins with 0 chase capability.and soon forum will be full of "warrior unkillable" complain and it will get nerfed. and warrior will go back to been useless most likely.like it has always happened, history will just repeat as the problem comes within the core of warrior base skills.

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ANet is in love with long duration CC, whether we like it or not. If it end up generating complains they will most likely just give more stability output to the guardian (Yeah, this is a laughable solution but based on the last 8 years of balance that's how they do things).

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@losalamos.5123 said:Why did ANet nerf Full Counter damage, but increase the daze duration? Just revert that change and have it do proper damage again.

It is like a lot of the warrior changes, Break enchantments got almost all its damage removed, yet True Nature has a chance of doing up to 4k damage.

Too much damage was taken away from the warriors kit, hammer being a big example of this, what does that weapon actually do now? you have 3 skills which do damage out of 6.

As for full counter, I kind of wish the 3rd level trait we had in spellbreaker would change its effect, so you could trait it for CC or for damage, (not that pathetic 20% more damage on full counter crap we have right now)

Counter of agression:Block an attack and stomp the ground causing all targets to be launched ino the air - 0 range launch. (if you are wondering why 0, its so the character gets thrown up in the air then has to get up where they are, takes around 1- 1.5s to get up.

Counter of retribution:Block an attack and strike all targets around you for 650 damage (on the basis of being in zerker gear)

Full Counter:Block an attack and strike all targets around you for 300 damage and daze them for 1/2s.

I really wish more classes got the option like Daredevil did, pick a trait that changes the way a skill functions... This could have been done for Spellbreaker so we at least have traits that actually do something different! We currently have Magebane Tether (this by its own is fine), Revenge Counter(this has been nerfed and borked by the changes made and needs to be reworked), Enchantment Collapse (I'm guessing they lost their sense of design and creativity on this trait? Seriously what function does it serve? you remove 1 extra boon? a boon that they will gain back in a few seconds anyway? Do you do any damage for removing it? yeah sure, 27 damage that cant crit. Remove this and rework it, same with Loss Aversion.)

Personally I'd like to see two of the grandmasters changed in spellbreaker.

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