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how much for new Baltazar outfit?

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The one you can only get with random luck from the BLTCs?

Sorry, but there's no promise that you'll ever get it. You could use 1000 keys, and still not get it. Or you could use one, and get it right away. Such is RNG.

Of course, they'll keep doing stuff like this as long as people keep falling for it.

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@Alga.6498 said:

@Anhellbro.7210 said:

@Alga.6498 said:I finally got it after
70 chests
!!!!! :angry: :bawling: =)


GJ but im lost all gold and cant farm more ((((

I know how it feels! I had to use my credit card for this...Wish you good luck if you get enough again :)

And thanks to people like you this company will continue developing gamble boxes instead of selling the outfit directly on the gem store.

A complete pox on the gaming industry with this kind of enabling. The same people who nourished the preorder DLC culture.

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