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What racial skills are "useful"?

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Hi guys, 6 years-break returning player. You can say that I'm new to the game.

I'm wondering what racial skills are currently "useful"? (even if it is under very specific conditions)

I've seen the "Raid Boss Necromancer" YT video and it seems Snow Leopard Norn form is used for some necro builds for finishing/escape and makes me wonder if its useful for other classes, like rangers or guards, and if there are other such situationally useful racial skills.

Any info on the subject is welcome.

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Leopard is the only practical skill since it can replace "useless" elites that dont fit your build. Skills that doesnt replace an elite are not viable (such as technobabble). Few, if any builds have room for it and even if they do there is usually something vastly superior for the class itself.

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Snow leopard is the cream of the crop for racial skills. A hundred years ago I used it on warrior when all we really had was signet of rage.Sylvari has the elite take root that offers some invulnerable.

After that the list of useful racial skills drops drastically, in most cases below that of the worst normal class skills.

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