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Mesmer wish list


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Give mirage its second dodge back

Change chaotic interruption because it's unreliable

Malicious Sorcery should be the base AA speed of scepter

Escape Artist is useless, nobody choses this over Phantasmal Haste or Maim the Disillusioned

Delete Chronophantasma and make every Phatasms stronger (or unkilleable ?)

Dune Cloak should directly steal the boons instead of doing what it's currently doing

Empowered Illusions and Bountiful Blades shouldn't be on the same tier

Buff staff 3 and 4

Many spells are still clunky like Arcane Thievery or Mirage Thrust

Any glamour trait would be lovely.

Phantasms shouldn't go full CD when ennemy is out of range

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Linking my ideas from one of my previous threads, in regards to traits:

! Domination! “Ideally should be personal damage focused aka the Power trait line, might, interrupts etc.”!
! None (that I can think of)

! Dueling! “Ideally should be focused on mobility, reflects, vigor, swiftness, endurance etc.”!! Change/Remove: I feel that Blinding Dissipation should be moved into the Master of Fragmentation in the Illusion tree, so instead of shatter two crippling, it will blind.!! Change/Remove: Duelists Discipline should come free with the pistol and changed into something else.

! Chaos! “Ideally should be focused on condition damage, duration, confusion, retaliation etc.”!! Change: Chaotic Transference, the gain expertise based on your concentration should be removed since the top condition gears are Trailblazers and Vipers, which means we’re losing concentration and making this trait useless. Have it so that we gain expertise based on condition damage or even vitality. Again, if I’m wearing full trailblazers and have 0% concentration, I’m only getting half the benefit from this trait.!
! Change/Remove: Chaotic Persistence, as a tier 3 trait, 2% doesn’t scream that viable to me.!
! Change: Chaotic Interruption, move to the Dueling tree.!! Change: Bountiful Disillusionment, have it affect nearby allies as well?

! Illusions! “Ideally should be focused on shatters, illusions and phantasms. Pretty self-explanatory.”!
! Change/Remove: Escape Artist, I love the name, but we already have Desperate Decoy and don’t have access to many stealth skills like the Thief.!
! Change: Malicious Sorcery, remove the attack speed and have it come with the scepter weapon already as a base. Then add something along the lines of increased damage towards foes with confusion or torment by X%.

! Inspiration! “Lastly, I think this trait line should be our support tree, heals, boons and buffs to supportive utilities like glamours etc.”!
! Change/Remove: Restorative Mantras, have tested it on a full Minstrel and healing to other allies build and the healing is barely noticeable. The healing should be at least a burst heal comparable to the well of eternity or have it’s healing increased.!! Change/Remove: Wardens Feedback, have it already be a part of the Focus weapon and replace the trait with something else towards our glamours, heal or boons.!
! Change/Remove: Protected Phantasms don’t need protection if they turn to clones right after they’ve attacked, so this is essentially a waste slot and needs to be replaced with something else.!! Change: Mental Defense, remove the phantasm and perhaps have it so that Glamours reduce damage to allies standing in them or a trait that reduces condition damage/duration (maybe against torment and confusion).

! Chronomancer!
! Change/Tweak: Lost Time and Remove/Change Seize the Moment as so far these two don’t match up to Chronophantasma. The last time I picked Lost Time was for my boon build when supporting.

! Mirage!! Change/Remove: Mirage Mantle, change it to something else.! Change/Remove: Dune Cloak, I’d have this trait take the spot of Mirage Mantle and have.

Other mentions in terms of improvement:

  • If EoD is going to introduce more underwater combat, ALL utilities need to work.
  • Wells should go off at Mesmers location because there are too many people (ally and enemy related) who don't bother to stand in on spot to gain their benefits unless stacking for certain bosses. Also is very ineffective in PvP/WvW unless defending and using on allies in your backline, but in situations like those, people are always on the move.
  • 1, Give Mirage their second dodge bar back, point blank period and not up for discussion or debate.

  • Mirage Mirror, Remove from all deception skills and change it so that after a slight delay you gain the Mirage Cloak affect. The idea of running towards a Mirage Mirror doesn't work and never will so it's best to be done with it. Running to go pick up something = death.
  • Sand Through Glass, change it or increase the evade distance.
  • Jaunt I still think should have a range of 600 but that's just personal preference and not exactly "a must change."
  • Add more confusion conditions onto weapon/utility skills.
  • Give Chaos Armor a "Transmute Chaos" effect like what Elementalist have, inflicting stacks of confusion and torment to nearby foes.
  • Phantasm utility/weapon skills need to have a cast time of ½.
  • Veil needs its cooldown reduced or stealth increased from 2s > 3s.
  • If shatters are what make the class then they need to be more impactful because as others have mentioned, once you activate a shatter skill and your target dies right away, you lose out on that damage. So it's either the mechanic needs to be overhauled or the focus of damage should come from phantasms and phantasmal-like attacks.

As a note: A lot of the issues come from illusions and shatters and having our damage solely tied to them which needs to be changed and I'm hoping the next EoD E-Spec gives us something unique and original. Additionally, linking this amazing idea of a Bard concept done by a player who worked really hard on creating it.

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I want to see the skills flipped around.

Put the Illusions on the Fs, and put Shatters as a set of Utilities.

Base Mesmer:F1: Summon a Clone who appear to attack but do negligible damage.F2: Summon a Phantasm that attacks with your current weapon.F3: You and your Illusions swap places at random.F4: You reveal yourself to be an illusion for a moment, gaining Distortion.F5: Illusions switch to attack your current target.

Chronomancer:F2: Summon a Phantasm who repeats your last skill.F4: Summon a Continuum Rift. When it expires, you will revert back to your original point with your previous health and endurance.F5: Illusions switch to attack your current target.

Mirage:F1: Creates a Mirage Mirror at target location. Touching the mirror shatters it, granting Mirage Cloak to you and weakening nearby foes.F2: Draw in shards of crystal sand based on your current weapon that effect enemies they pass through on their way to your targeted location. The shards form a Mirage Mirror upon reaching their destination.F3: Converts all active Mirage Mirrors into Clones.F4: Teleport to your nearest Mirage Mirror, shattering it.F5: Illusions switch to attack your current target.

That's all very rough, but the point is that the main class feature and main class abilities are now one in the same. The main gimmick is now creating illusions and being deceptive with them, whether that be classic Clones and Phantasms, temporal rifts, or distracting mirrors. Each Elite Specialization now has more freedom with how it changes the primary playstyle of the Mesmer, while still being able to fill a similar thematic role.

For a smaller scale wish, I'd like an Elite Specialization/weapon/skills that really have some great cleaving with mobility. I know it's not normally the Mesmer's thing and I play other Professions for it right now, but I'd love to see Mesmers try to tackle it. Being able to hit multiple enemies with one swing is something that still makes Guild Wars 2 fairly unique, but Mesmers mostly have to settle for slow, bouncing projectiles or lining up lasers.

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@Axl.8924 said:The last post is very interesting. Anyone know how good or bad this would be for mes?

I mean, if all you're doing is having utility skills on F buttons, and profession skills on utility buttons you're just turning 360 and going nowhere except adding an additional learning curve to the existing problem while keeping the problem intact.

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