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Willbender initial and ongoing thoughts

Poledra Val.1490

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First the good part, the mobility is excellent its very fluid overall enjoyable to play and move around with.


Now the second part, the class in PvP feels utterly underwhelming.


Damage is very low even on zerk amulet the class is also littered with a lot of bugs in both tooltips and in actual numbers during combat.


Sustain is literally bottom tier at the moment on this spec in my opinion the Willbender heal is also extremelly underwhelming probably one of the poorest to date on Guardian.


Some of the traits are interesting but i find way to much give and take on a lot of these traits in comparison to other specs.


Overall this spec needs some tweaks/buffs to make it at least semi relevant in PvP at the moment.


Curious on other peoples thoughts on this, clearly this is still a beta so many things can change in the next 6 months.

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I am pleasantly surprised to see the virtues have a longer cooldown in PvP than the PvE version we saw on stream. I'd have to run the numbers on the mobility, but if its lower than thief, sure, give it some damage. If its on the same level as thief though? Sorry, thats the drawback to having that mobility, you get no damage and no survivability.

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6 hours ago, Tharan.9085 said:

I agree with most points, their healing skill is the strongest guardian currently has tho

Its to buggy its certainly not the strongest imo, along with the fact one of the bugs it has is if you precast the heal go into a fight whether its 1v1 or a team one....and you happen to get cc'd instead of a normal hit the heal does not proc.

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