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Poll: Which Guild Hall is your favourite?

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Figured it'd be interesting to see what Guild Hall is peoples favourite overall?

I guess the influences would be the size of the map, exploration value, decorations and the aesthetics?

Favourite Guild Hall: https://www.strawpoll.me/16412177

Most common Guild Hall: https://www.strawpoll.me/16412192


  • oooh I didn't know you could. Sorry, my first time making a post here.

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    Windswept Haven is the most """"""""profitable"""""""" since the nodes give you obsidian shards that can be actually useful instead of the crystals you get in the HoT GHs. Windswept is also the most decorated by default, Lost Precipe comes in second and the Gilded Hollow is practically empty even if you fully upgrade it. I personally liked the look of the Gilded Hollow the most, locked like the HQ of a superhero group but hte huge open spaces and the lack of sepparate rooms for guildies to decorate had us switch to the Lost Precipe one. LP comes halfway pre-decorated with stuff you would have to craft otherwise and offers plenty of houses or rooms for ppl to make a special little corner for themselves somewhere. I think LP suited a small to medium guild a lot more than the GH. We switched to WH with the release of PoF, mostly because we wanted to have WP in Elona and because of the more useful obsidian shards. The GH is basically fully decorated by default but offers no structrures beside the buildings. The Area that unlocks when exploring deeper doesn't offer much and the fact that everything is round or spherical in shape doesn't work well with decorations that were designed with the other two ghs in mind. If it was for me, we'd switch back to the Gilded Hollow, but WH works just as fine. There's not much to do in our GH anyway besied gathering so it doesn't matter that much.

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  • Klipso.8653Klipso.8653 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Guilded hollow

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  • Mine

  • Mea.5491Mea.5491 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Gilded Hollow all the way, it looks majestic.

  • I can't decide lol. Lost Precipice has great atmosphere and you can see in the distance and it has a sand type charm that can be decorated with lots of nice trees. Gilded Hollow has lovely waterfalls, plants and golden effects, but you cannot see in the distance and there is no sky. Windswept Haven has beautiful decorations, cool oasis, but the map is small and offers no exploration value. I feel myself leaning toward the Lost Precipice, but I reckon a lot of people would choose the Gilded Hollow due to the water and plants aesthetics?

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    Lost precipice: too much possibilities

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  • @lokh.2695 said:
    Windswept Haven is the most """"""""profitable"""""""" since the nodes give you obsidian shards

    Wait, what?! Dang, my guild uses Gilded Hollow. I always need more obsidian shards.

  • My guild started out with Lost Precipice. A beautiful place but after 2 years it was time for something new. Considering PoF was about to be released with a new GH, and I have loved Elona ever since Nightfall released, Windswept Haven was an obvious choice. But in hindsight it's my least favorite GH, because of the aforementioned fact that it seemingly comes fully decorated. Putting up decorations inside the structures creates an awful clutter. Putting them up outside doesn't make sense because it would be like stuffing our streets and sidewalks with plants and walls and shrubbery and whatever. Putting them up in the open air is even more of a pain because there is practically no level ground outside of the structures. Everything is sand, and considering it's called Windswept Haven, the sand isn't flat but swept up in dunes. The fact that this is even the case on a small scale means that any decoration base will partly disappear into the sand. In theory that sounds great, because desert sand does tend to cover stuff over time. But this is a game environment and sadly the sand doesn't form around/over the decorations but goes right through it. It's this awful clipping that mostly has turned me off on Windswept Haven. Lost Precipice does not have this problem, since the ground is rock, not sand. It has hallways, staircases, all hewn out of rock, chambers you could decorate, open spaces that could act like squares, etc. And that's not including the "stations" (market place, scribe station, war room , arena, etc.). In Windswept Haven, those are practically the only structures available. Don't get me wrong, I do love the look of Windswept Haven because of the Elonian architecture, but for decoration purposes the thing is an absolute nightmare. I think they forgot about that when creating the instance. Back when they created Lost Precipice and Gilded Hollow they also had to create the entire decoration system, so it was impossible to not take that into consideration. This time it was just the hall, none of the systems, so it seems more logical that it could've been ignored. The difference with the other 2 GH's in this regard is very striking and in my opinion not coincindental.

    I used to also be in a guild that took Gilded Hollow. It's actually the GH I prefer now, but unfortunately my guild has very few people left who are active on a regular basis (too few to claim a GH, at least), and none of them are interested in GH's to begin with. I guess at some point I'll tap into my powers of persuasion and try to get them to help me claim Gilded Hollow. I'd love to decorate again (I'm the Scribe in the guild) but Windswept Haven just doesn't have many options in that regard. The only decorations I put up are the Raid and worldboss trophies.

    So ANet, if you ever plan on releasing another GH, please leave it mostly empty except for the structures. And give it lots of flat surfaces so decorating won't result in so much clipping. Windswept Haven had potential, but right now it's just a beautiful instance with a few nodes to farm daily. And I get plenty of obsidian shards from the karmic and ley line converters, which negates for me the added bonus of getting shards from the ore node.

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    Guild Initiative Headquarter.

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  • Having started in Gilded Hollow then moving to Lost Precipice and then the desert.. I have moved back to Gilded Hollow. By far the most beautiful of the three and much much better for decorating, even the huge amount of land at the top of the hall has more decoratable area than Windswept Haven.

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    none, since it's out of reach....

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