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Melee Weapon Improvements Please

Swagger.1459Swagger.1459 Member ✭✭✭✭
edited January 15, 2019 in Ranger

Greatsword 5- 600 dash forward as-is or 600 ground target leap “stomp” that dazes.

Sword 1.3- Short distance tracking to target.

Sword 2- Ammo system with 2 uses. 600 Leap FORWARD attack with evade frame. Same damage. Remove cripple status effect.

Sword 3- 600 Dash FORWARD animation like this trait that changes Daredevil dodge... Breaks Stun. Removes all movement impairing conditions. Damage and poison like they are now.

Daggers, yes both daggers, need love. It’s a rarity to see a ranger with dagger, and almost every soulbeast I’ve seen runs LB/GS or GS/Axe-Wh...

The forward movement skills for Sword 2 & 3 are suggested because currently these are not great skills to use when trying to fight on uneven terrain, or when your opponent simply moves away due to the telegraphs. Straight forward attacks give better control and usefulness to the player. GS 5 change is because that skill is limp. Daggers are collecting dust when it comes to wvw and spvp builds.



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