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Can we PLEASE improve melee weapons?

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edited August 8, 2019 in Ranger

Playing melee in pvp and wvw content kinda sucks. Greatsword has some decent elements, except for the #5 skill, but sword and daggers need some real help. Sword moves the character all wonky, and all an opponent needs to do is move slightly to avoid all the flopping around on these sword attacks. Melee is tough enough as is because you are eating a ton of extra damage, but talk about easy telegraphs for opponents to notice and easily avoid. And daggers, even in pve you get ripped up swinging them around. They have almost 0 useful utility and hit like limp noodles...

Please try to understand how I feel about melee on ranger using this 1 comparison.... I can spam this tier 5 skill on Daredevil... many multiples of times, in the time I can use any of these weak-as-all-get-out tier 5 skills on my ranger... THAT I CAN SPAM FOR OVER 10,000 DAMAGE MULTIPLE TIMES in a series of a few seconds... That also EVADES and MOVES the character in a chosen direction by 600 each use...

Damage: 908 (2.25)
Number of Targets: 5
Radius: 180
Evade: ½s
Combo Finisher: Leap
Range: 600

Damage: 290 (0.72)
Number of Targets: 1
Daze: 1½ seconds
Stun: 1½ seconds
Range: 300 with a 15s timer

Damage: 252 (0.75)
Cripple (6s): -50% Movement Speed
3 Bleeding (8s): 528 Damage
Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile
Range: 1,200
A cripple that is easily cleansed like nothing... wow...

...Not trying to be a jerk, but the game is super stale, weapons are super stale, decent gameplay builds basically stay the same for years and years and years... and playing melee sucks unless you use some of the, very few, decent melee weapons on a couple of professions... Please fix up melee weapons on ranger, and other professions too, please? Like these ideas below please?


Greatsword 5- 600 dash forward as-is or 600 ground target leap “stomp” that dazes.

Sword 1.3- Short distance tracking to target.

Sword 2- Ammo system with 2 uses. 600 Leap FORWARD attack with evade frame. Same damage. Remove cripple status effect.

Sword 3- 600 Dash FORWARD animation like this trait that changes Daredevil dodge... Breaks Stun. Removes all movement impairing conditions. Damage and poison like they are now.

Daggers, yes both daggers, need love. It’s a rarity to see a ranger with dagger, and almost every soulbeast I’ve seen runs LB/GS or GS/Axe-Wh...

The forward movement skills for Sword 2 & 3 are suggested because currently these are not great skills to use when trying to fight on uneven terrain, or when your opponent simply moves away due to the telegraphs. Straight forward attacks give better control and usefulness to the player. GS 5 change is because that skill is limp. Daggers are collecting dust when it comes to wvw and spvp builds.


Edit- And no, I’m not asking for melee skills to hit like a truck, I’m asking for more useful skills that have better utility and better dependability.