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A profession to burn them all ?

With the introduction of that Charr themed lore, I wanted to create a Charr. One with a burning heart. And a burning passion for turning everything to ashes.

But I'm kinda struggle to pick a profession. What I'm looking for is, well, a PVE charr which is decentish enough for medium level fractal (~40), dungeons, and on a general manner not dieing miserably in HoT maps. Maybe I'll do a bit of small pvp even if I didn't do that like since 3 years or so.

For the gamestyle itself, my Holosmith is already fairly based on fire (viper set with a bit of toughness on some parts), so what I'm looking for is rather a nervous gamestyle resolving on never ever dropping on the ground as long as I'm careful. Buffing friends would be a bonus. So erh, basically priority on stats would be Power > Alteration damage & duration > Toughness/Healing/Concentration.

As now I'm been considering a bit Firebrand because, well it's written all over it for a fire zealot doing endless fights. But maybe something would fit better? I'm open for all ideas (but somewhat elementalist, my brain can't handle so many spells).

Thanks in advance.


  • Fire weaver or burn guard are pretty much it in gw2. Fire weaver isn't to bad piano wise

  • Berserker is also fire based with sword/torch and longbow :)

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    There are a few professions that can apply burning like berserker and scourge, but the top three in my opinion are burn weaver, burn guardian and condition engineer.

    Burn guardian is the easiest to play since all you have to do is attack fast with your weapons. Core guardian is probably the best for a condition build due to the trait synergy with Zeal (7% damage increase on burning foes and 10% of your power being converted to condition damage), Radiance (passive Zealot's Flame proc on critical hits, increased burning damage and duration) and Virtues (reducing the number of attacks in order to apply burning from 5 to 3). Firebrand has the best burst burn damage, but core guardian has a more consistent burn damage.

    Weaver has two weapon sets for applying strong burning damage: d/d and sw/d. With d/d you'll be cycling between fire-air and fire-earth. What I would recommend you do is practice the following burn combo: enter combat with fire skill 3 so you create a fire field then switch to air so you can use the blast finisher that comes with that skill. Repeat the combo, but this time using fire skill 4 for an extra fire field. The sword is probably the best weapon for a condition elementalist build since no matter what element you attune to, your dual attacks always apply burning.

    As for engineer, let's just say that you won't be having the easiest time getting into it. You've got plenty of ways to apply burning, especially if you use multiple kits, but condition engineer isn't the most beginner friendly build. In order to deal the most amount of condition damage, you have to use four kits. It takes a long time to get good at it, it's a very rewarding once mastered but like I mentioned it's not a very beginner friendly build. You can go with only two kits, those being the flamethrower and bomb kit with p/p being your weapon set and have an easier time at playing condition engineer at the cost of a noticeable damage loss.


  • Plaguedoctor's firebrand. It has vitality and condidamage as major stats and healing power+concentration as minors. With torch and tome of justice you can apply lots of burns. Radiance is a burning spec and with Zeal you can summon fiery spinning swords. It can provide blocks and quickness for allies. Balthazar runes and Smoldering sigil provide burn duration. It can also heal and provide more boons to allies with other tomes and symbols. Choice of weapon is up to preference. Main-hand weapons don't apply much burns so you can choose between mace's heals+blocks, axe's extra condis+fury and scepter's might+ranged attacks without super-huge impact on damage.

    It's Kitty. The young lady who streams and records videos playing various (non-)metabuilds. Raid/fractal videos at youtube.com/LadyKitty, Kittymarks test results at youtube.com/Kittymarks and tinyurl.com/Kittymarks and streams at twitch.tv/ladykittygw2 .

  • guard
    bun dem

    Te lazla otstara.

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    Need a Flame Legion personal story.

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    Condition firebrand

    I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  • @Anchoku.8142 said:
    Need a Flame Legion personal story.

    So true, it's a shame to be forced to side with good guys. I would have chosen Flame legion if possible.

    Firebrand is best suited (or even core guardian).
    Berserker can be a closed second. Although he is not 100% into fire, I personally love some its skills like sword burst.

    Firebrand looks more like a shaman (as you probably use a scepter) while berserker is really a fire warrior (something like Balthazar).

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    @Omnicron.2467 said:
    Berserker is also fire based with sword/torch and longbow :)

    Not to mention you can leverage the barbarian aesthetic, spikey armor, goes into rampage mode (2 of them if your berserker), and is "always angry"