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  • @Reincarnatie.7254 said:
    "Morphologically, griffons bear a strong resemblance to the tengu species/people. Both are avianoid, with beaks, feathers, and clawed phalanges. Their pinnae are also strikingly similar in structure and are most likely homologous features, much like their forelimbs and hind-limbs are, having a common origin to one another."


    "The Clouded Corvus, Gryps corax nebulosae (shown above), is a different species of griffon than the common greater griffon (Gryps gryps gryps) which can be found in the arid and windy landscapes of Elona. They are, however, in the same genus: Gryps, of "greater griffons". Clouded Corvus griffons are predominantly found in the misty temperate rain-forests of the Woodland Cascades, but have been spotted ranging as far as the alpine forests of the Shiverpeaks--such as the Griffon Old Growth. The Corvus griffons are the only other species of griffon that are omnivorous (the other being the Sylph Griffon) and may occasionally dig up and consume tuberous vegetables--to supplement their diet of prey animals and grains like corn and wheat--much to the distress of the unfortunate farmer. The tails of the Clouded Corvus most closely resemble the tails of tengu, rather than those of other griffons and lesser griffons (Gryps-parvus spp.) whose tails more resemble those of charr--the similarities of the latter (between the tails of griffons and charr) are more likely a result of convergent evolution and are analogous in nature to one another."


    "The Spotted Slyph griffon, Gryps sylphes occulatae (pictured above), on the other hand, prefers dense humid jungle and makes its home in the heart of the Maguuma Jungle. Its spotted and counter-shaded plumage helps it to camouflage seamlessly in the dense dappled canopy of foliage. Its range overlaps slightly with that of the Clouded Corvus but are not known to interbreed with them. It is thought that their tails are partially prehensile, an adaptation which serves to improve balance in the dense treetops. Anyone who has encountered a griffon will remember seeing wing-claws protruding from the wrist section of their wings and wondered what they were for. For the Spotted Sylph, these appendages assist in clambering through branches and are especially helpful when they are young and are blown out of the nest in heavy storms. Speaking of wet weather, to protect itself from the damp conditions of the jungle, the Sylph's uropygial gland produces a near-excessive amount of preen oil which assists in reducing feather pests due to its anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. Like the Corvus griffon, the Spotted Sylph is omnivorous: in addition to its diet of fresh saurian meat, of course, it enjoys consuming the plentiful fruits of the jungle with other frugivorous creatures."


    "The Highland Harrier griffon, Gryps circus collinae (displayed above), occupies the highlands of Ascalon--namely, the Blazeridge Steppes--but range into the Elonian highlands as well as the eastern hills of the Shiverpeaks and Steamspur Mountains. It has been reported that the Harrier griffon's feathers and flesh are poisonous to consume due to the batrachotoxins present in feather and skin samples taken for analysis. Observations of its depredation upon venomous krait and poisonous hylek, among other creatures like: spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, devourers, bats, wurms, sand eels, ibogas and skale may explain how the Highlands Harrier metabolises and then incorporates the various toxins into its system. Highland Harriers typically prefer to nest in craggy outcroppings and caves below the alpine snowline on mountainsides, as opposed to treetops like the Corvus and Sylph griffons, or open-ground-nests as with the lesser griffons, and more like the cliff-side nests of common griffons and Badlands griffons."


    "Badlands Stalkers (a.k.a. Badlands griffons), Gryps volatus taciturnae (shown above), are silent fliers, soaring across canyons on thermals rising from the baked stone of the cliffs they call home. Ranging from the deserts of Elona and the Blazeridge Mountains to the canyons of Maguuma Wastes and the Steamspurs in-between, Badlands Stalkers are among the most wide-ranging (though, not most common) of griffon species. Their stockier build allows them to thrive in both hot and cold climates, ranging farther into chillier regions than all other greater griffon species (other than the common greater griffon), though they require warm columns of air to hunt effectively. Specialised down feathers, called 'pulviplumes' help to insulate the griffon from temperature extremes as well as providing a copious amount of feather dust which it uses to blind foes."

    "In the abandoned stone halls of the Silverwastes, a land once known as the lush Silverwood, nests an exceptionally rare variety of Spotted Sylph. This breed, a bright red colour morph, would stand out as a sore thumb in the verdant greenery of the Maguuma Jungle to the west. Currently under review as a subspecies of the Sylph Griffon, Gryps sylphes, its proponents for subspecies status argue that they have diverged from the main population of Spotted Sylphs for hundreds of years and the two separate populations have not been interbreeding--though it is posited that they they still are able to produce viable offspring if they do. Opponents of the designation argue that there is not enough differentiation of evolutionary adaptations, other than colour, to warrant a separate subspecies. If this particular Spotted Sylph of the Maguuma Wastes were to receive status as a subspecies all to its own, it would most likely be named Gryps sylphes rufus, Gryps sylphes rudhira, or Gryps sylphes deserti. Like its sister-subspecies in the dense jungles of Maguuma, it also enjoys supplementing its diet with fruit but must obtain that fruit from other sources in the Maguuma Wastes in the form of cactus fruit. This dietary supplementation helps it to better compete with the more dominant griffon species in the region--the Badlands Stalker (Gryps volatus taciturnae), which tends to nudge out other species of griffons in ecosystems they inhabit, like the Clouded Corvus (Gryps corax nebulosae)."


    "Theories on this particular breed of Spotted Sylph range from plausible to outlandish. One theory is that they were kept as livestock and hunting animals by the giants, using their eggs (and meat) as a steady supplementary food source and their feathers as symbols of status and to insulate their bedding and clothing. As giant society collapsed, these brilliant vermilion avianoids escaped the fate of the giants and now live as ghostly reminders of the Age of the Giants and the capricious nature of the Gods. Interviewing the friendly centaurs of the region have produced many stories and myths about griffons, in general, which have been known to occasionally prey upon centaurs and their young. Centaur myths both revere and revile them, as spirits of the wind and demons from the depths. The latter perspective most likely comes from the period of conflict between centaurs and the grey giant tribes of the area where griffons may have been used as beasts of war."


    "The griffon known as the Fire Pinion is also one that is known to very few and seen by even fewer. With feathers of flame and wings of wildfire, such a sight bewilders and befuddles onlookers. 'What God made that?' some human may ask. 'Where in the Eternal Alchemy did that come from?' an asura might ask. 'Pre-roasted chicken sounds good right about now,' a charr would possibly comment. The human, wrong; the asura, preoccupied; and the charr, irreverent. This griffon, created from the extinct Valley Pinion griffon (Gryps vallis plumae), was formed in the fantastical fires of high-elder and grandmaster djinns, in their forges in Vabbi to banish demons from dimensions beyond ours. The Valley Pinion, unlike other griffon species, lack the leathery patagium that has replaced the primary flight feathers on other species of greater griffon. This links the Valley Pinion Griffon to the lesser griffons as the bridge between the two species. It is thought that the leathery patagium helped the other greater griffon species to take advantage of warmer climes by allowing the quick release of excess heat."


    "The Starbound griffon has a similarly mysterious and mystical origin and is even rarer and elusive than even the Fire Pinion, even though it is most likely created from the common greater griffon, Gryps gryps gryps. One theory is that it is an elaborate scheme between the Black Lion Company, The Consortium, and the secretive Mesmer Collective to confuse the populace. Another is that they are also a product of the djinn high-elders, imbuing these griffons with celestial magic from the Mists, used to combat demons not of this world. Regardless of its possible origins, the Starbound griffon is an excellent nocturnal hunter in the starry skies of Elona, practically melding in with the speckled tapestry of night above as it plunges towards its unsuspecting victim."

    --excerpts from 'Descriptions of Griffon Subspecies: A Feathered Flurry' and 'A Treatise on the Origins of Griffons and the Mechanisms of their Speciation'. Research was commissioned by The Tyrian Taxonomic Council on the Conservation of Finite Flora and Fauna.

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    Give the Sharur(Evil). Some love <3

  • I was doing some personal story and Arlons twin decided to look even more like him than before, I found it really funny because I was thinking they didn't really look like twins at all and then the game proved me wrong.

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    I've got a bunch. I plan to draw him one day which is why there are so many screenshots cluttered together.

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    Was trying to explore the world without using the minimap / using only visual landmarks and had the pleasure of finding this view of the Priory!

    There was a bug during a dragon stand and after flying over the island to release fire, the wyverns would pop in this state on it, unfightable and peaceful, it was very cute haha

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    ArenaNet - Old Lion's Arch


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    There are so many beautiful areas in the game! Here are a few favorites of mine.

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    For the characters I got an entire site (not updated frequently but all characters are listed at least):
    Gonna look forward to find any time to update them soon.

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    Testing random pictures:

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    @DBZVelena.5186 said:

    Look Guys! ;)

    how do I post pics like this?

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    @AmisAmai.5329 said:
    screenshots are so much fun to take and edit tbh!

    have a few of my recent ones!

    i have a ton more but i dont wanna add to many to one post, so you can find all of my screenshots of my blog here if you wanna check them out <3

    WOW! Your screenshots are so high quality. Teach me your ways XD

  • @Umadusa.5874 said:
    WOW! Your screenshots are so high quality. Teach me your ways XD

    With the amount of questions I've been getting on how I take my screenshots, I'll be more than happy to make a forum thread with tricks and tips on in game screenshot taking, how to use Reshade for screenshots and some Photoshop tutorials if anyone is up for it!

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    Hi :), New to the site, Hope my Images turn out ok. Same I don't know how to post the actual image :( Well from what I see everyone is showing off their Images but they don't want to share how to get them on the page. Sad Face :(

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    The Always Late Horseman of the Apocalypse

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    I like this one i made

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    This one I posted in another thread, might make new and different ones later when I have time to go back to the game

    Logging out forever.

  • @Artemisa.9013 said:
    As a very recent player I don't have much to show you, but anyway, these are my two characters at the moment and their looks so far (both Norn; I'm loving everything about the Norn people):

    And speaking of screenshots, what tips could you give a noob like me to take good/very good screenshots? For example, how do you take them so that the "game things" (level bar, map chat, etc.) don't appear? Photoshop? There's so much beauty in this game, I'd like to capture it properly!

    Thank you!

    Unless you've set it differently, the keybind to hide the UI should be Ctrl+Shift+H

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    My Guardian turned 5 yesterday. To celebrate, I gave him an updated look :P

    His Old Look:

    His New Look:

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    My favourite cutscene from the mission "The Machine"

  • I absolutely love the dyes I chose on this. Sylvari's are my favorite race in GW2 :3

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    My Elly in the Amnoon night.

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    Sirenia Quarren

    Lyta Quarren

    Katrina Quarren

    Brittany Quarren

    Naomi Quarren

    I am a very casual player.

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    Very nice @Wisenburg.9587 @kharmin.7683

    @Solaris.2489 Wow, your hair seems to light up there. Did she put LED under it? =)

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    This one was a few months ago

    And that one is recent

    My guardian mastering his firebrand elit specialisation

    And his griffon landing in Maguma Forest

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    Finally unlocked Weaver...and the gauntlets were so cool, I gave him a full makeover.

    Always willing to help others if I am able. Catch me in-game. I'm a dirty-casual with 2 kids in college, so I am on at odd times. lol

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    May I present, the brand new. Volkswagen Beetle.

    (logo is not mine, character is :p )

    Dead is indeed overrated.....

  • My Norn Elementalist.

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    I entered a "Fashion Wars" competition my guild hosted where we posted pictures with a character description. I didn't win but I was happy with how it turned out!

    "I am Hisuii, Avatar of Kudzu. I bring life and beauty to lands once plagued by barrenness, drought and corruption; transforming them into magnificent gardens of vibrant colour. Melandru's favour and the Pale Tree's teachings have granted me the power to cultivate hidden beauty in souls of the people and places I encounter. As I give them the ability to realise their true nature, a new flower adorns my armour; granting me strength so that I may protect those that are precious to me."

  • This is my Charr, not my main.

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