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  1. I know many people are a fan of hers, but her voice acting for the female Norn is the one in the game that really annoys me. So much so that I deleted my first female Norn because I couldn't stand the voice acting. I get that Norn are meant to be tough and a larger race, but it sounds like she is trying too hard to sound tough and it just doesn't sound right, too unnatural. I really wanted a Norn ranger so I later made another one and have tried to get used to and ignore the voice acting. I have gotten used to it some over the years, but it's by far my least favorite in the game.
  2. It's actually the opposite of what you said. MoP is like Shin Jae from Guild Wars 1. I watched the trailer ArenaNet launched, I see the old Cantha and Shin Jea from Guild Wars 1. If you do a google search you will find that the campaign "Factions" in GW1 (which was Cantha and Shin Jae Island) launched on April 28, 2006. Mists of Pandaria from WoW launched on September 25, 2012. So if anyone basically copied another, that would be WoW copying GW1. But the thing is, both are oriental themes and in similar type locations, so the aesthetics will be somewhat familiar.
  3. This line in your post really caught my attention because whenever I think of the successful and good mmo's that are out today, I think of all the ones you listed and Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 seems quite successful to me. I always see tons of people and my main guild is super active and has been for years. I am seeing a lot of threads here by people wanting more advertising for the game, more of a presence outside the game, etc. Would more players be good? I'm sure it would. But I got to say, if I had the choice between the game and community we have now, as opposed
  4. Already exist for light armor https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Incarnate_Light_Armor_Skin Which is not the point and isn't a bra... Really? Looks like one to me. I'm a female, I should know. Are you looking for characters to be primarily nude or what? Here's a link with an actual picture of the armor skin. Of course the character has gloves on, etc., but the chest armor itself looks a lot like a bra to me. GW2 armor example: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=re7oCTCY&id=F72A56015CA088BBB7388A6EA78EE1400BB81DA0&thid=OIP.re7oCTCYxd-oWnmLxhvbaAHaF7&mediaurl=h
  5. You are missing a ton actually, but it sounds as if you just don’t care for the many other areas of the game that you could do. When I first read your post I thought you had set a goal for yourself to do those specific things in a very short period of time and you accomplished your goal. But after reading your other comments, it seems as if you instead feel that you completed the full game with nothing left to do in a little over a month. Really though, your mission is far from accomplished. Those are the things you apparently feel makes you think you beat the game and did it all. It sounds l
  6. As a returning player, here is what I have personally noticed. I started playing during the first closed beta and played from launch for about 6-8 months. I quit because I burned myself out only returning here and there over the years, but not putting much time into the game until I returned about a month ago. I have been playing a lot since I returned and have been having a blast. With that said, I agree with both sides in this thread. The majority of the community is friendly and helpful and we have many friendly, helpful people on the forums as well. It isn't fair to paint a whole communit
  7. I agree with others who say GW2 doesn't need a dedicated game mode like you are suggesting. Path of Exile and Guild Wars 2 are two very different types of games. Your suggestion fits a game like PoE, but a dedicated game mode like that wouldn't fit a game like GW2 in my opinion. You could do something like Danikat suggested without introducing the game mode into GW2. Even WoW players who want a challenge and a change have a dedicated "Iron Man" challenge and community. There is a website with the rules and different ways to play the game to pose a challenge, where you can track your character
  8. I listed a number of ways to get gear in my previous post that doesn’t involve crafting, dungeons or buying off the trading post. I personally have rarely bought from the trading post. I’m confused as to how you don’t seem to see in all this time you say you have played, that mobs drop gear, you get gear from karma merchants from doing heart quests, from your personal story, living world stories, etc. The more of your posts I read, it sounds as if maybe the systems of this game just aren’t to your liking and you prefer other mmo’s, and that’s perfectly fine. The problem with your arguments th
  9. Dungeon gear and crafting isn't the only way to get gear in GW2. If that were the case, most of my characters would still be in their starter gear. I have put a lot of years into WoW and have also played ESO some as well, so I know how their gear systems work. There are a number of ways in GW2 to get gear without crafting or doing dungeons. Gear drops in the world while you are exploring, killing mobs, doing heart quests, etc. While I play, my inventory is constantly being filled with weapons and armor of blue and green quality. I have to stop often to either put it on the trading post or salv
  10. Anytime, and welcome back by the way! Have fun! :)
  11. I agree with this. I recently returned myself after quite a long break. I had primarily played at launch. I quit while LS1 was still going on. I loved the game, but burned myself out. I did come back here and there over the years, but really would only play for a day to maybe a week. Each time I would come back overwhelmed not knowing what to do and would pretty much just leave again. My 80 necromancer is my main and I wanted to play that, but I was just lost. I found myself constantly creating a new necro each time I came back to start "fresh" I guess you could say. That personally never last
  12. So in other words, you created a poll with the assumption in your mind that the majority would say yes. When you realized the majority have no desire to add tails to the game, you call those people closed-minded and get offended that not everyone likes what you do? People are individuals, we all have our own likes and dislikes. Just because you love tails, cat ears, etc. on your characters doesn't mean everyone does, and in this case of your poll, the majority don't. There isn't any need to think it through. Some people just don't care for adding tails to the game. For me it doesn't have anyth
  13. I played Guild Wars 1 in my free time while this game was down. I still love that game and go back to play on occasion. At some point I would like to unlock all the Hall of Monuments for all the rewards here. I have some, but a long ways to go. When I played a lot years ago I primarily played Prophecies over and over because it’s by far my favorite campaign. So I need to get to work on the others and the expansion lol. I have done very little in those.
  14. Agree. I'm just happy my progress and items are back. That's all I wanted and hoped for. I don't need any other compensation. I had put a lot of time into the game over the weekend so had lost quite a bit. Had lost lots of progress, characters, character levels, items bought with gems, gold, items, etc. And even though I would have lost a lot in terms of progression in the game if they had not been able to fix it, I know others would have lost much more than even me. I just logged in to check to see if everything seemed to be back to where it should be, and all looks good so far. Thanks for fi
  15. Really? You are going to play that attitude when people have lost money and time? Look, I think people have a reason to be hesitant to play the game right now until this is resolved. If you want to log on right now, play the game, possibly buy and spend gems, you go for it! But I know I'm sure not going to risk more progress and money being lost until I see how it's resolved. Your response was uncalled for. I didn't see anyone in this thread overreacting given the circumstances. I don't see anyone shouting profanities, making threats or anything irrational here. The OP even said if it wasn't
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