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  1. Not terribly original but what is nowadays. Looks cool anyway I hope they go all out with this and Canthan tech is more advanced than Asuran, thatd be funny
  2. If Anet wants to try this "hard group content" thing again there need to be ingame tools to measure qualification like in any other game with thriving raids. They dropped raids on an unsuspecting populace without any of the required framework. But the problem isnt even if theyre willing to do that and conflict with their casual design philosophy. Most other games have gear inspect and dps meters but im not even sure that would be adequate for GW2 since its so heavily skill based. How do you express that in standardized values. Thats toxic and excludes people? Raids already got so toxic the
  3. Two streams basically wandering around maps looking at rocks. Zero combat, no action. Im a long time player so i already preordered EoD despite not being entirely happy with GW2 lately (with class balance and anets failing "no trinity" design resulting in extremely op support classes). The maps look nice, no question. If youre trying to get new players who know nothing about GW2 into the game with these streams in my humble personal opinion youre doing a terrible job. A new potential player will spend 5 minutes watching and then be bored and leave. The first stream on S
  4. Unless theres something in the expansion tailored to/requiring the turtle (like the worms in the desolation in gw1) its gonna be a rarely used gimmick. Its slow and i cant fire the guns, why would i use it solo? In a party it would need to equal the average dps of two players. If one or both are support, does that dps make up for a loss of boons/heals? Fun gimmick but practical? The most obvious solution would be to being able to fire the guns as driver and if you got a co-pilot give them a second set of guns. Might lead to balance problems tho.
  5. Appreciate CmC talking indepth but at some point he said something akin to "we dont want a support spec to have too much damage/too much of everything" in regards to spectre or something like that and i did a double take irl. I hope he was speaking in the context of their future balance goals because i seriously doubt he forgot firebrand/scourge exists. Thief is clashing the hardest with the failing "No Trinity" design mantra and its getting real tiresome.
  6. Also GW2 isnt mobile gacha stuff designed to milk its players dry like most of NCSofts catalogue so of course its earnings are tiny by comparision
  7. This. Firebrand and Scourge still exist so a theoretical healthief would need to be on the same level of broken op to compete (a problem all EoD specs share but whatever). In that case be prepared for hard, fast nerfs if it does more than 1k dps because thief is thief and thief needs nerfs because it can run away too good. Also be prepared to be shoehorned into shadow arts and trickery because those are the only core spec lines i can see synergizing. Its decided anyway. Hope im wrong and its an awesome spec, ive been playing Daredevil for so long...
  8. Would be cool if there was a little quest attached to the elite specs this time. Like a thief meets the Am Fah (if theyre still around) or an Ele goes to train at Shing Jea or whereever. Better make them optional tho or else people will complain lmao.
  9. Maybe i wasnt clear enough, i finished the quest and got the Skyscale already (ill add something to the op). All the other quests after the initial tedious fetchquest were fine, more or less. As for it not being essential, what finally got me to do this was being left in the dust with my griffon on any train on any map that had any verticality. Since they promised more of that fabled Tangled Depths verticality in EoD i wanted to be prepared. News Flash : Starting your post with News Flash makes me ignore that post 🙂
  10. 1) Run all over Dragonfall and find 20 scales. Well, boring and the time pressure due to the brand didnt help but i got it done 2) Run all over Dragonfall and find 15 skyscales. Well, boring and the time pressure due to the brand didnt help but hey didnt i do this already 3) Run all over Dragonfall and find 20 eggs. Ha ha this one egg is right next to where one of the skyscales was earlier, im having negative fun After that the quests got largely better. Im baffled. Where there really no other ideas for the first stage of this than the worst of early 2000's mmorpg quest f
  11. Whats prolly several years ago now there was a similar thread where the op had a really well done collage of multiple swimsuits. It was really well done, looked like an actual gemstore thing. Also not just pure *beep* off material (nothing wrong with that but hey) but some pretty good designs and both genders. One of em was like a competition swimsuit with a fur stola thing, totally impractical but cool, woulda bought that instantly. Cant find that thread anymore, too bad 😞 EDIT: well dang look at these norns
  12. GRRRR.3521

    Weh No Su

    So if theres a version of Napui Quarters in the expansion that old dude with the hat should be there and when you got the "Closer to the Stars" title on he should tell you he remembers your ancestor. Then he should tell you to go talk to an Adept. I would like that because im a nerd. Ok thanks.
  13. "Remove AT LEAST 1 dodge bar" Telling wording. Lets remove a core part of the elite spec but maybe it even should have less dodges than any other class. A class with such high damage shouldnt be as mobile. Oh wait two cDE builds dared to cross the 40k mark and got hammered hard and fast with a vengeance and now thief damage is normalized with all the other classes. A class with such good support shouldnt be as mobile. Oh wait big fat lol Lets just remove the mobility because then finally thief is an immobile sack who does nothing and the forums will be happy.
  14. Path of Exile has the same problem. On my old pc zoning into a hub had a 80% chance of chrashing because of the condensed mtx clutter. Even with the new rig i get a slight stutter sometimes when turning around from the box in eotn x) And in poe its the same argument, an option to disable the mtx would dimish/make the purcase worthless. People who buy mtx > people with potato pcs, thats just how it is
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