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  1. I agree with the OP. With the current server system, you have many players who aren't in a fight guild and like to defend/upgrade objectives for their "server". Servers added an additional level of meaning to go along with fun fights. My guess is that many of alliances will care even less about objectives or the score, both of which add extra meaning to the WvW experience. Many people on a given server know players/commanders who are not in their guild - and who they will no longer be able to fight alongside. This expansion will also make it harder for newer players to get into W
  2. SoS ktrains whole maps during certain non-peak hours due to their massive population advantage (West Coast and Asia). I logged on once when I couldn't sleep and wandered into our garrison after they took it. I noticed they had 4 shield generators at inner garri which I found remarkable given that their opponents likely struggle to drop 4 siege in total when taking it back. Essentially , if that SoS off hours group remains together, they guarantee at least 2nd place in a matchup. Off hours should possibly count for less in my opinion. While adjusting the score for kills, etc., hel
  3. I have played a celestial Firebrand (axe/shield + scepter/focus) and that has worked alright but I want to check out other classes. I looked at ranger builds but one would have to play a druid and Soulbeast with dolyak stance seems so tough to pass on for wvw roaming. (I did briefly try a shortbow/staff druid build with trailblazer/apothecary awhile back for taking camps and unorganized small scale skirmishing) Ventari rev apparently works but lack of stun breaks concerns me. Elementalist would be of interest too many but I am an older player who clicks the majority of my skills as
  4. For PvP, your gear and level doesn't matter. You can be a level 1 and be on equal footing. While it is true that if you play a class in PvE and WvW you will be more familiar with the skills, PvP is quite different than the other 2 game modes. Both of you might start with one class but find another one is more enjoyable. You might also like a class in PvP, but prefer another class or build in a different game mode. Do you plan on joining a guild to do fractals, raids/strikes, or World vs World? Do you want to join guild to do 2 PvE and WvW with others? WvW commanders us
  5. Marauder is good gear for a necromancer in WvW large fights and can work in smaller fights. If you are running a condi build in WvW, Trailblazer works well.
  6. WvW Guilds are fragile. For many guild, if the tag retires, the guild dissolves. Therefore, these Alliances will be fragile, and unlike the present system, one doesn't get to know the tags /guilds on your server. I think the Alliances will weaken the WvW community. Today, both one's guild and server created a sense of community. In the future it will be one's guild and Alliance, but Alliances can break up after a bad match or if the a guild leader retires. One will also never get to know and fight with a pug/small guild commander on a regular basis.
  7. 1. Minstrel armor might delay your rewards if you don't put out some damage on enemies (players or the npcs in camps/towers). Roaming alone on Minstrel is pointless unless you are with others as you put out no damage. Even if you don't have a mount, you can get a speed boost from their mount if you run alongside those in the group that have unlocked a WvW trait. 2. Go visit the bartender in your guild hall to get a 10% WvW reward track boost. Consume an exp booster if you have 1 in your bank. 3. Try to do most of your dailies, though taking a keep might not be feasible
  8. For some people the community is the guild, but for others it is the server. One problem with basing the community on guilds is that guild leaders come and go. The turnover of guild leaders is pretty high due to burnout, RL issues, other games/interests, boredom,etc.. So eventually, one will be left with a really weak community. It will likely be harder for new players to get involved in WvW since it will be tough to get to know guild leaders since the new player will be joined with different players every matchup. In the past one could say, "Bob, Bill and Betty are on my server, Bob is very
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