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  1. I appreciate the kind words. I'd much rather engage in healthy conversation--even when it's a difficult one--than leave a discussion feeling as if no connections were made. Thanks for being patient and chatting with me about this. I know the Internet can be a hostile place but it is what we make it and I'd much prefer to just talk with y'all when I can. It doesn't have to be awkward or contentious. 🙂 While I'm not at liberty to share about the ongoing discussions we have internally, just know that they do indeed happen, we're aware of what different groups in our community are talk
  2. @Loke.1429 Thanks for your honest and heartfelt reply. I know what you mean. Sometimes when we're reading stuff on the internet it gets interpreted/heard differently than intended. I appreciate you clearing that up and explaining your thoughts and opinions. I think I understand where you, the OP, and others are coming from. You're expressing concern or frustration about a different part of the game you love in the forum in which you think is responsible for it not getting the support you want. It's not really that simple of an equation in terms of where our resources go/have gone/w
  3. I wanted to play a non-human character to switch it up from my GW1 characters. I figured charr was sort of the polar opposite of human. Strongly considered going with an engineer for RP and support reasons, but ended up going elementalist since it was fun to play. Plus I'd seen/played all the personal stories while they were in development and liked the tone of the charr stuff. Also, cats rule.
  4. A few things to keep in mind when you're posting in the Lore forum: Questions will likely get answered by a Narrative dev and will be from a narrative point of view. Answers will center around narrative implications, not high level product strategy or non-narrative game modes. Constructive criticism doesn't get people banned. Comment on the project and things you like/don't like. Don't attack people and you'll be fine, as a rule. Updates about other game modes would come from reps on those teams/departments or in those channels, or from official communications outside t
  5. What list are you talking about? And why would my acknowledgment of a statement being valid be considered dismissive? It's literally the opposite of that.
  6. quick how do I change my avatar they're on to me
  7. I think the less sensationalist version of this is, "I want more attention on these other game types," which is a totally valid opinion. But remember that people ALSO play the game for story and it's a big part of the experience. Always has been. It's not going anywhere. I can't speak for overall product strategy or future plans, but it's safe to say that we're always looking at ways of balancing story along with everything else to hit that sweet spot in the hopes of making more people happy.
  8. We try to do this when we're able and when it's a natural fit in the conversation at hand. A lot of these kinds of details are truly lore in the literal sense--they're historical and add flavor to the topic being discussed but they don't change or add anything to the current story. They just color the discussion and remind us of where we've been. In this case, though, it really comes from the character and lets you know how he feels and why, and I think it works. Thank you for pointing it out. I was wondering if any players would notice when the script went through group review. (I didn't writ
  9. Living World and Personal Story content treats the instance owner as the main character in what is effectively a single-player story (with multiplayer gameplay support). For that reason, we limit dialogue participation to a single instance owner. Other players in the party don’t speak during story moments, and can only talk using their systemic chatter. In Raids, however, we treat the group of PCs as a squad of mercenaries trying to complete a mission together, so we wrote those stories in such a way as to allow anyone in the group to initiate a scene or participate in group dialogue. It’s a s
  10. We purposely leave this vague to allow room for role-playing. Whether you want to be "the" Commander, "a" commander, or just a mercenary while playing raids is totally fine in my opinion. The stories inside raids, while thematically relevant to the Living World and Personal Story, don't really intersect except for the occasional comment by a character in the open world. If you did the raid, we think it's good for characters to acknowledge that. But if you didn't we still consider the events of the raid as canon--something that someone in the world did. We try to account for either scenario sin
  11. Disclaimer: we have no current plans to revisit Scarlet’s character. That stated, I think if we ever had the opportunity to rebuild portions of Season 1 we’d take a look at Scarlet’s characterization and try to find ways to align her more with her posthumous portrayal in Season 2 (while also using a similar approach to what we did with Trahearne with the Personal Story Restoration). We’d consider rewriting some of her dialogue and perhaps make some adjustments to how and when she appeared in content, and try to do a better job with her introduction, showing her downfall, etc. Tara was great to
  12. This is ancient history in dev terms (dating back a decade or more from concept to completion) but I’ll do my best to dust off the cobwebs! The novel was written by a freelancer, Rob King, and released in 2010—almost two years before Guild Wars 2. A lot of the story beats and characters from the Personal Story didn’t make it in to the novel probably because they were still being developed. It’s very possible Trahearne hadn’t been conceived or fleshed out enough in the game by the time of the novel’s writing. Or perhaps a conscious decision was made not to cross that character over for another
  13. In terms of writing? Bastion. Had a wonderful time collaborating with the team. A lot went into it. Very interested in where those bosses at the end came from. I can't remember is it was hinted or just my own thoughts, but I got the feeling they're related to Janthir. Hope we get those areas up there some dayWe never explicitly say, though we imply they come from a "demon" realm that might be tied to the mursaat somehow.
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