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  1. Thanks for the heads up. It's on my list of things to check when I have a free moment.
  2. Yeah, the reality of big team development (especially on a live service game) is that over the years some staff leave and new folks join the project. Sometimes little details like these slip through the cracks but we can thankfully fix some of these issues if they're brought to our attention.
  3. Good catch. I bugged this and made the changes in our dev environment. Editing, Loc, and Release Management all need to take their turns with it so I don't know when it'll all go live, but the process has started. Thanks for posting the issue in such clear and concise detail. This was extremely helpful.
  4. That's correct. It's just that character's way of saying "here's where I entered this world." They don't literally mean, "I was birthed like a mammal." I could see why some folks would look at this as an inconsistency, though, but it's meant to be a figure of speech that the rest of Tyria uses. Narratively speaking, most sylvari should remember where they came from, but players themselves (especially those new to GW2) may not. We show that same response to sylvari player characters because new players might need the info. In hindsight, it should probably h
  5. The Commander can bench press their weight, plus 100 pounds give or take. On a slightly more serious note, I think it's safe to say the the PC is kind of a badass in the story, having been able to defeat Elder Dragons and literal human gods (though not without collateral damage and dying on occasion). Narratively, it's always tricky to balance the needs of the game with the needs of the fiction, so hopefully it feels good enough/plausible to be in that sweet spot. On top of the story, though, players have always roleplayed to push their characters in either direction (even more OP
  6. It's not an exaggeration to say we've been playing the long game in terms of the dragon story. We've literally been working on it since late 2007 (when GW2 pre-production roughly first began) and have dropping hints along the way since launch in 2012. Many times, people overlook these little details or don't notice how they connect until much later. That folks are replaying this content and catching these bits of lore and foreshadowing makes us incredibly happy.
  7. This was added for Return specifically to address the feedback that the name seemed to come out of nowhere. This was originally meant to convey the fact that the Commander (and others in the room) had heard the name Mordremoth earlier in their lives but it was too subtle. So we added the scribbling to reinforce it. In hindsight, it would have been great if the PC had to do more research (perhaps at the Priory) to come into this information so the player and PC were aligned, but it was out of scope at the time of development.
  8. You don't think I'm gonna fall for that, do you? 😆
  9. I just wanted to pop in and say that this is a really interesting thread with lots of well-thought-out ideas, opinions, and theories. Really happy at the discourse here. I did say over on Reddit a few weeks back that we're aware that this is currently an open question and that it was "shelved" in my mind, meaning it's something that we hope to pick back up if/when it makes sense. Can I guarantee that we'll get to it? No. But it is something we talk about and consider when brainstorming.
  10. Actually, this is smart and definitely something that Narrative is thinking about with our Design partners. Anything we can do to make the game better--and IMO that includes finding ways to give people more of what they want outside of story content--is something we should be concerned about. We've done a bit of that with strikes so far.
  11. I appreciate the kind words. I'd much rather engage in healthy conversation--even when it's a difficult one--than leave a discussion feeling as if no connections were made. Thanks for being patient and chatting with me about this. I know the Internet can be a hostile place but it is what we make it and I'd much prefer to just talk with y'all when I can. It doesn't have to be awkward or contentious. 🙂 While I'm not at liberty to share about the ongoing discussions we have internally, just know that they do indeed happen, we're aware of what different groups in our community are talk
  12. @Loke.1429 Thanks for your honest and heartfelt reply. I know what you mean. Sometimes when we're reading stuff on the internet it gets interpreted/heard differently than intended. I appreciate you clearing that up and explaining your thoughts and opinions. I think I understand where you, the OP, and others are coming from. You're expressing concern or frustration about a different part of the game you love in the forum in which you think is responsible for it not getting the support you want. It's not really that simple of an equation in terms of where our resources go/have gone/w
  13. I wanted to play a non-human character to switch it up from my GW1 characters. I figured charr was sort of the polar opposite of human. Strongly considered going with an engineer for RP and support reasons, but ended up going elementalist since it was fun to play. Plus I'd seen/played all the personal stories while they were in development and liked the tone of the charr stuff. Also, cats rule.
  14. A few things to keep in mind when you're posting in the Lore forum: Questions will likely get answered by a Narrative dev and will be from a narrative point of view. Answers will center around narrative implications, not high level product strategy or non-narrative game modes. Constructive criticism doesn't get people banned. Comment on the project and things you like/don't like. Don't attack people and you'll be fine, as a rule. Updates about other game modes would come from reps on those teams/departments or in those channels, or from official communications outside t
  15. What list are you talking about? And why would my acknowledgment of a statement being valid be considered dismissive? It's literally the opposite of that.
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