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[Suggestion] All and only [Insert profession here] Week in WvW


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3 minutes ago, Acyk.9671 said:

it's a mistake imo.

Starting with an "only core" bonus week would be really nice before EoD gets released so F2P players can discover WvW.

Then you could do a Core+HoT bonus week to incentivize sells or for older players to experience an older meta after 4 years of PoF meta.


Sorry but you can't have an older meta when even the old classes have already been changed, like scrapper getting purity of purpose and op gyros. Including HoT classes that still run in the zerg meta today like scrapper herald tempest reaper chrono, pretty much the only thing gone will be warrior bubble and firebrand healing which is easily replaced with scrapper and guard.


And if you're gonna also ask them to rework classes to what they were before all the patching, why would they do all that work for one week? Unless they ever think about doing something like classic wow(which they won't), core only will never happen again (they can't even redo season one living story).


You still need HoT for auto loot, and pof for mounts, there's the incentive.

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15 minutes ago, Acyk.9671 said:

Sure it wouldn't be the exact same meta but several classes that were meta back in the day would be played in the same way:

- Guard Support

- Necro Dps

- Elem Dps

- Warrior dps or support

- Maybe Engi

Basically the GWEN meta...


In a Core + HoT You would lose Scourge, Firebrand, Spellbreaker, Weaver Dps, Renegade. So 3 meta and 2 useful spec in groups.

You would get Rev/herald, Scrapper, Tempest, Reaper, Chrono (and maybe druid/berserker as it would be more melee)


Most of those core classes had trait/skill reworks, it wouldn't be the "same". Not to mention combat moved from blasting fields to boon spamming. These groups will just use the same strategy and stack as much support as they can to run over everything as they do today. Believe me, I would like to go back to core days, all this cc boon movement spamming fest is grating on my nerves every time I play. No longer do "roamers" "roam", it's groups of 3-5 "roaming" to compensate/abuse for one spam or another.



Where did you get that idea? They can probably limit the usage of certain e-specs. Changed classes or not doesn't matter since the core roles are still relevant to this day on the same classes.


That was a preemptive answer incase you followed up with reverting every change back to core days.


Like I said, they already stated they will not restrict specs or classes, it's highly unfair to players, people have favorites, and they paid for it, you cannot restrict them from using them unless you go and make a separate instance that doesn't affect everyone. So again unless they go make a "Classic WvW" it's not going to happen.

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i mean, full core would be pretty okay. only condi would be very strong, still... the same groups very very very very likely would farm the rest, no difference from now.


like, u really expect us to not be able to adapt? that's the reason why a meta exists. it's the last step of adapting to all possible crap

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