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Vindicator Feedback Thread


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49 minutes ago, HorvathKirnerAkos.6205 said:

So with 2 dodges we are officially out of Imperial Guard / Unrelenting Assault jail. Now Anet should rework Spear of Archimorus as an upkeep skill.  Lessen the range, the damage it deals and also lessen the amount of torment it applies but make the spears appear on a 1 or a 1.5 second interval.  I think power build would highly benefit from this change and maybe a condition vindicator build would also make its debut.



Idk i would like to see elite skill empowering one of the utilities instead, to make it more situational, like nomads advance to deal more damage, reavers rage doing more cc, and scavenger burst recovering more endurance.. and the same for supp skills. Rn it just feels like a wasted skill leaving vindicator without any elite skill which would be usefull in any situation..

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1 hour ago, HorvathKirnerAkos.6205 said:

Sadly or not the gameplay on all professions, not just revenant is headed this way.  Easier rotations = more players involved in high end content like Raids and CM Strikes

While that may be true, that gameplay already exists for the class. Let's not force Archemorus into it as well

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4 hours ago, Catchyfx.5768 said:

Vindicator traits - especially middle options - are waste of slots- move vigor after dodge and vigor benefits energy regen into other minor trait and use this to somhow help with alliance utility(i doesn't have any).
Happy to see double dodge tho.

I agree and I had already said a possible change even if it is only a proposal

I would like for the vindicator that it fixes the bugs that date from the first beta on the dodge jump and the GS already in the first place. I'd like to see the archetype changed, like removing the "Balance in Discord" trait and applying it directly to the "Alliance Tactics" skill. Instead of "Balance in Discord" only the trait "Song of Arboreum".
These are only suggestions for ideas.
This allows you to redo all the traits "Master". We could replace for example:
-a trait to increase DPS
-a trait to share buffs or to be able to put more alteration with the legend or the GS (because a little bit of frost is not crazy when you look at it well)
-a trait to give more buffs to share other than regeneration.

The more the Alliance skill has been increased on both sides, the more it looks like an assembly of 2 legends without any link between them.

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