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crossover with dungeons and dragons


dungeons and dragons crossover with guild wars  

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  1. 1. do you want an offical dnd guild war books

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    • no

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hello people i would like to ask if you all wanted a dungeons and dragons crossover with guild wars 1 and 2 along with how many people would like this type of content as recently they have doing crossovers with dungeons and dragons recently such as magic the gathering rick and morty etc etc but i would love to know how the community feels about this and if a Dev team member might even respond answering if we can officially have such and item exist. thank you all for your lovely support and comments and lets see how this goes.

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D&D is owned by Hasbro, who have started cross marketing most of the IP they manage.  Magic has already done a bunch of these to very mixed results. It’s ultimately a cash grab by Hasbro, some are worried it could lead to some IP failing. 

Specifc to D&D and Guild Wars, do you want a GW campaign set in D&D latest edition to role play?  Or do you want a D&D game played in the GW engine and mechanics online?

both sound, unnecessary to me. Not really interested or excited by this idea. 

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I'm afraid I stopped playing D&D about 25 years ago. For those that still play it, I don't see why a Tyria campaign setting couldn't be a thing; I imagine there are DMs out there who have already created their own content along those lines. I don't think the GW2 game mechanics would carry across well, but maybe elements of GW1 would work better.

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On 9/28/2021 at 3:10 AM, InsaneQR.7412 said:

As someone that is painstakingly trying tomhomebrew all 9 classes, multiple races and monstr statblocks i would freaking love that.


I am personally working on a Tyria homebrew setting but i didnt got far up until now.


Some official material would be bliss.

thanks for the feedback i just hope people look into this more so that way we can get a good grasb on what can and what cannot work that way we can see how many people would like certain things such as this.

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