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Forum Help: Carriage Returns


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Is there a way to make one carriage return = one carriage return?

This is an example of one carriage return, but they add a new paragraph automatically, like it's two returns. I don't get to see the new paragraph, but you all do.


Here's an example of two returns. I get to see the new paragraph, but after I post this, this line will be like two new paragraphs, which where I live, put's it down somewhere in Nogales.


Don't get me wrong, I had a blast talking my way onto the Spanish Class trip to Nogales in high school (I was in Latin class...friggin Latin...that came in handy), and had a good time on the trip...though I didn't get to talk to any of the locals like my friends did. I just don't want me new paragraph down there.

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30 minutes ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

Just use shift+enter.

I'm testing that, because this has been annoying me too.


The above is what happens when I push enter twice, intending to leave 1 line blank between the two paragraphs.

And the above is what happens when I push shift+enter twice, aiming to achieve the same thing (1 line between paragraphs.)

Edit: That seems to work! It's annoying that it's not the default, but at least there's a way to avoid leaving massive gaps between paragraphs now.

Edited by Danikat.8537
Updating after the test.
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4 hours ago, costepj.5120 said:

I THINK the OP wanted a way to go to a new line without the additional paragraph spacing.

No, I actually don't understand why hitting 'Enter' isn't just one line, like it usually is. Even in the editor, when you hit 'Enter', it's just one line. When you preview or save it, it adds a new paragraph, which is odd. I guess it's acting more like a word processor, which is odd.

As I look at this new paragraph, it's right up against the one above in the editor. It's fine if that's what they want to do, but the editor, at least in this respect, should look like the preview. Or they should have a 'side-by-side' edit-preview mode, like a Discourse forum.

The 'shift-enter' thing works, and I thank the person who suggested it, but to me, it shouldn't default to that. What would be 'really' nice is if we could edit the behavior ourselves in a forum setting, and we can choose what makes sense for us.

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9 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

I just hit enter once for a one-line-between-paragraphs result.


I agree, that's how it works now. I'm just saying it didn't used to work like that, and I don't like that behavior. If I want a new paragraph, I'm perfectly capable of hitting enter twice.

I accept that some people like it. Maybe it's a phone thing or a Mac thing or a Linux thing or a word processor thing. It seems like these forum tools that are used have settings which can be enabled and disabled, giving more or less control to the users. We seem to have most of ours shut off. If there 'is' a setting they can enable to allow us to choose how we would like 'enter' to work, that would be great.

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