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Mesmer Boon Hexes


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This is an idea that's been rolling around in my head for a while. 

There are two problems that I'd like to solve

1. The lack of good anti-boon options in the game. 

2. Mesmer's lack of identity as a  disenchanter.


My proposed solution is giving Mesmer access to hexes. Specificialy, hexes that target boons. 

Here are a few examples of what could be done:


Hex of Pilferage - Hex target player(s). While Hex persists, all boons applied are applied to you instead. 

Hex of Disillusionment - Hex target player(s). While hex persists, all self applied boons are inverted into conditions. 

Or if you're feeling especially spicy

Hex of Avarice - Hex target player(s). All self applied boons gain increased duration. Target takes X damage per interval per boon.


There are various ways it could be done, but each option gives players a way to punish reckless boon application. 


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1 hour ago, viquing.8254 said:

Look at confusion history.

Look at torment history.

Look at slow history.

Look at grandma and 4 child wanted to rollface.

Like the idea but I don't know if gw2 base players want other things than rollfacing.

They will probably give these effects to necromancer

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I don’t think they would add any additional skills to the core because that’s beyond their capabilities. A new spec like this would be interesting though. I agree Mesmer lacks identity at the moment, apart from power block and clones it is kind of bare.

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1) Mesmer already has some of the best boonrip in the game from domination -if not THE best boonrip in the game. Arcane thievery (niche after the changes to facing requirement; someone should really test their changes before rolling them to production) and null field (one of the GOOD skills in WvW) further tap into this
2) Such a spec be borderline useless in PvE, since mobs don't really apply boons all that much, if at all.

The idea of countering boons would be interesting and I'd play it hands down: normal classes still generate so many boons, even a domination mesmer can't take all of them. That's not the direction ANet has taken, sadly.

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