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Can we ever expect to see some of the old Gw1 elite armors/Minis/Weapons/Outfits return to Gw2?


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Ha, someone beat me to it and revived this thread.So once again, let me delve down the wiki and look at what cool things I would love to have back:


All Race weapons: Norn, Asura, Tengu, etc... There were several weapons sets build and including them in the game would add so much flavour.

Swords and possible Greatswords

AxesWe actually got a good a mount of GW1 inspired axes, or straight ports.




Long- and Shortbow




I come later back with armor, as I have to look at them a bit more.

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One of the few things I do miss is Warriors Charr-Hide armor. Though I'd also like something like the Ascalon + Krytan armor for Monk as light armor, Shing-Jea for Assassin to medium.

Yeah, I like what you guys consider "boring and dull" armor, that doesn't have any sort of capes, cloaks, buttcapes or skirts. And Miss more "clothing" stuff.

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Here's what's already in the game:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_Guild_Wars_1_skins

That doesn't include minis, some of which could be considered ports, notably Eye of Janthir or the Moa Chick. (erm ,that's supposed to be a little moa chicklet, without the "let" -- kitten filter isn't happy with the term for unrelated reasons)

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