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Super Box Turtle Mount Skin

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I think everyone would love this with the various sound effects.  Take my money lol.


I also had an idea that one year lions arch would be attacked by a possessed Moto and his Airship would rain down

all the superbox creatures attacking and we would defend with our new light guns etc. made of jade or other technologies.

(kind of like that centipede scene in the movie pixels)  epic fun that the creators can make their own version like they did with

that Goonies jump puzzle.

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I absolutely loathe anything related to SAB.  I hate the pixelated nightmare of color and sound.  I hate the mounts, the weapons, the finishers...well you get the point.  

A giant SAB turtle sounds horrible.  *Sigh*.  If they do make one, I do hope you enjoy it though, to each their own.

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