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Relics I'd love to see

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So far, I'm loving the new expac. I think the new relic system is a huge W for buildcrafting. That being said, a lot of effects were lost that I think really should be implemented as relics. The following are the ones I think worth implementing:

Companion Relics: This is a special mention, as Privateer, Ogre, Golemancer and Lich offered different types of minions/pets/etc that helped a player out in combat. These were fun, and having a helper companion in open world is a great way to take some of the edge off of some of the harder hitting enemies for players looking to have a pet tank for them.

Relic of the Fire: Just an implementation of the previous Rune of the Fire's non-stat effects; When you use first enter combat,  you gain fire aura. You gain +10% Strike Damage while you have Fire Aura.

Relic of the Spellbreaker: Gain +1% Strike damage for 6 seconds when removing a boon from an enemy, stacking up to 10 times.

Relic of the Scrapper: Superspeed you grant is +33% longer, and caps at 20 seconds.

Relic of Vampirism: Heal for 10% of your health when you kill an enemy (3 second cooldown).

Relic of the Ranger: All companions gain a 5% boost to all stats (This does not apply to Jade Mech's inherited stats).

Relic of the Earth: Gain Magnetic Aura and Protection upon using a healing skill (60 second cooldown)

Relic of Svanir: Gain Frost Aura when your health falls below 50% (30 second cooldown). Frost Aura reduces damage taken by another 5% (15% total damage reduction)

Relic of the Engineer: Gain +10% Strike Damage for 10 seconds after using a skill while wielding a Conjured Weapon, Weapon Kit, Environmental Weapon, or any other nonstandard weapon (20 second cooldown)

Relic of Melandru: Cast Melandru's Blessing when you're disabled. Melandru's Blessing breaks stuns, and grants 5 seconds of protection, resilience and stability. (60 second cooldown).

Relic of the Guardian: Grant allies 3 seconds of Aegis when entering combat, or when you use an elite skill (30 second cooldown).

Relic of Snowfall: Falling Damage is 30% less effective. When you take falling damage, create a pile of snow that chills enemies and grants regeneration to allies.

Relic of Sanctuary: Gain barrier equal to 10% of any heals you receive.

Relic of Radiance: Auras you grant last +33% longer. Grant all nearby allies Light Aura when you use a healing skill for 4 seconds (cooldown 10 seconds).

Relic of the Soulbeast: While you have a companion, your damaging conditions last +10% longer. While you do not have a companion, damage you receive is 5% less effective.

Relic of Altruism: Transfer 2 conditions from up to 5 allies to yourself within a 600 radius, and gain Resistance for 5 seconds upon using an elite skill (30 second cooldown).

Relic of the Druid: Gain +500 healing power for 3 seconds upon using a glyph, spirit or elite skill.


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5 hours ago, Fueki.4753 said:

Relic of Strength: Increase Strike Damage by 5% while under the effect of Might.

Relic of the Wurm: 7% of Vitality is converted to Ferocity.

Relic of the Thief kind of does the same thing, since you're almost always using abilities with a cooldown or cost, so I'm not sure that there's any point in having a relic that doesn't go past 5%;

Likewise, I ponder if maybe stat conversion shouldn't be the one thing they leave off of relics and consider using runes for again.

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I would like to see more class relics, and specifically for each category of skill in those classes (ex: engineer: relic of gadgets, relic of kits, relic of explosives, etc.). I also don't think relics should focus on stat boosts. Your relic of the engineer for example just amps up engineer's damage output when they already have an explosive skill line that does just that. And it competes with similar relics like relic of fireworks. I'd rather relics be used to change the way you play a class.

So using engineer as an example:

  1. Gadgets have more ammo and/or recharge quicker.
  2. Flamethrower kit uses a special napalm agent that deals increased burn condition and duration, but sacrifices strike damage.
  3. Turrets fire 50% faster, can be thrown 600 range, and have a 320 range aoe knockdown explosion when destroyed.
  4. Swapping out of Holosmith cooldown is reduced by 20%. And/or Holosmith heat reduces faster or slower by 20% (pros/cons for both, so offer both relics).
  5. Scrapper gyro wells last 33% longer. Blast gyro takes longer to blast, but deals increased damage and defiance break.


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