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Exordium Showcase.

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Start - 3:24 Footfalls, draw animation and soundeffects.

3:36 - 4:52 Ranger.4:53 - 6:04 Mesmer (lacks phantasmal berserker, but iirc its basically the shurriken animation)6:06 - 7:26 Reaper7:27 - 8:41 Warrior8:43 - 9:34 Guardian9:35 - end general showcase in ow

The animations are weapon attack based not class based so you see pm everything by in the first 4 classes (guardian has a clearer spin animation tho)

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It's a superb weapon. I wish some of the other weapons had such a level of detail on the animations.

My only issue is that I don't use greatsword on any toon except Reaper and I already have the perfect skin. I think I'm just gonna have to contend with admiring from afar on this one

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@Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:

@"Randulf.7614" said:

My only issue is that I don't use greatsword on any toonWhen a weapon skin is "that good," you have no choice except to create (or repurpose) a character with a build that makes use of it.(Just be thankful that your favorite skin isn't a harpoon or a mace or a bear.)

I’ve done that with plenty of legendaries already. In fact almost all the 9 I own have had toons purposed to match the skins, but I’ve always found the weapon to work on at least one toon to be worthwhile. Greatsword is useless to me.

My fav skin is The Moot by the way - I main mace on 2 characters incl my actual main. Oh and my Guardian wears a bear head for a helm.

Think I check all the boxes there

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