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NA PvP Power Rankings Season 19! UPDATED!


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Hello Everyone, its me, your favorite/least favorite North American Warrior player! The megathread for power rankings is no longer pinned, so I have decided to start a new thread, since power rankings are so entertaining for the community! I have only recently returned to the game, so sorry if I miss people; feel free to suggest any additions/subtractions in the comments!

Necromancer:R U Who U Want To Be: 95Zeromis: 94Naru: 90Ckod: 90Levijeh: 88

Mesmer:Zeromis: 96Zyn: 95Shorts: 93Ckod: 93Mur: 90Hannibal: 87

Elementalist:Grimjack: 95

Ranger:Eurantien: 94Ashkew: 93Kiritsugu: 90

Thief:Zenyus: 97Jagdtiger: 96Kat: 94Anya: 94Hitzer: 94

Engineer:Lider: 94Mark: 93Malediktus: 90

Warrior:ButterPeanut: 96Jagdtiger: 94Vaans (200 Ping): 90

Guardian:Naru: 98ControlFreak: 95Guy E: 95Sword Flame Master: 94Ryan: 93

Revenant:Helio: 99Anya: 98Mark: 97Toker: 95Mango: 93

Relegated: Sikewolf (Mesmer), Unholey (Engineer), Zagerus (Warrior)

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Not here to say these are bad picks or a bad list but I’ve played all season(sadly had 300 ping for a bit though) and haven’t seen half these ppl and definitely some of them not even on the classes you listed them. Also it’s literally only half way through the season where some players like me haven’t even tried to climb and many of those players you listed btw have been playing meme builds or in low elo, so why are they top still. Tbh I could get making a power rating for last season because it’s already over but this current season is only half way over and about half those are absolutely beta tier rankings

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@Vicariuz.1605 said:

@Jagdtiger.2517 said:Several edits have been made upon receiving new information! See if you can spot the changes!

even though i ranked u with a power level of 130 for warrior please stop trying to steal the spotlight of the real power rankings made from research of 3 ivy league schools

I spent 15 minutes writing this thread I can't let it die already reeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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