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When are the useless skills getting reworks?

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never, because according to anet balancing philosophy, there are no useless skills, there are only skills that are not suited for the current meta.it can be right to an extent, so most likely,it will take them 3 years at least to admit one skill is truly useless and they will make minimum adjustment to it.

and that's probably also why they favor nerfing tiny bit by tiny bit, over buffing anything at all. while risk making classes irrelevant for a super long period of time, aka warrior.

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@Kulvar.1239 said:

@Psycoprophet.8107 said:For one its anet devs so ull be waiting a absurd amount of time for changes some traits have been literal place holder for years.2 its anet devs so instead of reworking or redesigning useless or un used traits they will instead nerf the traits that are fine in the tree to make them compete with useless traits or to make the already useless traits seem more tempting to use.U picked the wrong mmo if u want any decent changes that make any kinda sense in the near future, their just gonna keep running their game into the ground until ncsoft steps in again and says enough.

I don't know any MMO where players dont wait forever for some stupid things to be fixed

true but anets on another level.

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@TeqkOneStylez.8047 said:If the 300 second cooldown traits aren't also 300 seconds in pve then good luck because its probably staying untouched until the expansion.

More like these will stay as place holders forever. They have been the same since pre-PoF and some since the game started.

To give Anet some credit, not all skills or traits are usable in all game modes. However, there are skills, weapons and traits that by design are oriented to work in PvP or PvE, and yet do not work there either. Yet do not see any changes for... years.

In any case, sPvP was given to an amateur dev(s) who really fucked things-up. And taking their sweet time to fix anything, and the only fix seems to be NERRRRRRRRRF. Whenever I see devs only balance decision is to always buff or always nerf, both balance and diversity get obliterated.

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@"JusticeRetroHunter.7684" said:I understand the pandemic has caused issues for the games development, but can we expect any reworks soon to abilities that were butchered from the big patch?

judging by the state of the game and thinking about what would take less effort to do I believe they might prolly nerf the (few) ones that are still "good" than buffing everything it's underperforming

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