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How to craft spiritwood

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I hope you guys in the forum could help me because I'm a little bet lost for how to craft spiritwood. In order to get better weapons I need to craft components from spiritwoord but, I don't have the option to craft it, and I have crafting MAX for for huntsman and leatherwork.

I will appreciate your help because I think I missing something, and wiki doesn't explain it clearly. Do I need to buy recipe for it or something?

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I know you said you have max crafting, but for the sake of clarity, you will craft this under hunttsman with a rating of at least 450. Learning this recipe is automatic, so you won't have to worry about that.

Also make sure you click on the filters and ensure that you didn't accidentally uncheck the ascended box which can hide the recipe.

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@"dmitrikt.8217" said:Thank for the clarification for some reason in the wiki it say I need 400 crafting skill for huntsman, will need to check that I didn't disabled anything.

That is because you are reading the wrong information. That is that "usable by" section and huntsman does have a level 400 recipe that uses spiritwood plank => https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Wolf_Totem_(gizmo) . That is how the in game item tooltip shows the levels as well.

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@disForm.2837 said:

@Infusion.7149 said:Oftentimes it's not even worthwhile to craft spiritwood planks. Make sure you do the math on it before making any.

It's trivial, some silvers difference between buying or crafting. I wonder why, given that one of the components it's a time gated material.

It was originally time-gated to give players a way to make profit through crafting. Anet ruined that when they released LS3.

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