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The warrior elite skills feel like they need a rework.

Egrimm Van Horstmann.7921

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I find on warrior elite skills are generally trash. They feel as though their lacking the punch of what an elite skill should be. For instance Juggernaut, it completely takes away all your utility skills and survivability. Any time I've used it, would have been better to have the sigil. Banner is probably the only one of the elite skills that is reliably useful for solo content. Just curious if I'm the only one who feels this way about the state of warriors elite skills.

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For Warrior at least Warbanner, Signet of Rage and Headbutt (for instant Berserk Mode) all have a solid role.

I don't think Elite skills on any class are very good outside of a few exceptions. Most of them are just regular skills with very high cooldowns, and have been in need of revamps for many years. Players only take them because the slot can't be used for anything else.

Not to mention that on the Core specialisations, Elites are missing for many skill types entirely (e.g Well for Necro).

Alot of healing skills are in the same situation, and are only taken because players have no choice.

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Imo what needs to be changed is:

Headbutt: becomes daze and retains it's damage, with an increased attack speed in the animation. In competetive and especially WvW (huge space) more experienced players can easily avoid this skill.

Battle Standard: as part of a banners rework, you can equip it in your back and move around getting it's effects for a long period of time with no need to stick around an area and it has a flippable skill in which the banner is destroyed (full CD) so you can rez/stomp in the area around you.

Rage Signet: in absolute need of it's effect lasting longer + no cast time. Some builds rely on MMR to get out of trouble. Popping the singet right now is an invitation for a thief 1,200 range away from you to come, interrupt you and leave back, watching you die.

Rampage: Rampage is ok as is imo

WoD: only changes that can be requested about WoD are to increase boonrip or have the channeled variant return. I'm fine with how it functions rn.

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Headbutt: become a 3s daze, return previous damage, remove self cc.

Banner: place on back with flip over to toggle rez putting it on cd.

Signet of Rage: make the cast instant, make the passive adrenaline gain better.

Rampage is fine, it would function better if Body Blow did power damage instead of bleed.

WoD depends on the game mode honestly.

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Battle Standard is fine in my opinion, maybe reduce the cast time a bit.I definitely do not want any banner redesign to carry them on my back.

It'd be nice if Rampage only replaced the weapon skills, but not the utility skills, similar to Elementalist's conjured weapons or Engineer's kits.

Signet of Rage needs to lose it's particle effect (alongside with Soldier's Focus).

Headbutts should get its damage back in PvP and WvW.

Winds of Disenchantment could cover a larger area or last longer.

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All of them are fine, but Signet of Rage just needs a tad more to compete with Rampage.

As it stands :WoD is always picked for zergingThen it's a toss up between Signet or Rampage for smallscale or PvP.

Most of the time Rampage gets picked over Signet cos of the Health boost, Stability pulse, CC, and good burst damage for flushing out 1v1s.If Signet ever wants to hope to compete, it needs to have a stronger passive effect, or a stronger active effect.

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@Yasai.3549 said:Most of the time Rampage gets picked over Signet cos of the Health boost, Stability pulse, CC, and good burst damage for flushing out 1v1s.If Signet ever wants to hope to compete, it needs to have a stronger passive effect, or a stronger active effect.

The 20 might is pretty good if you have Phalanx Strength and a few allies nearby. If anything the boons should all be 10s, not the 6s or 4s that they are now. That and a shorter/instant cast time.

The passive is garbage though. It should just grant an extra strike of adrenaline when you strike a foe, or grant 1 strike of adrenaline every second rather than 2 every 3s.

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Mostly agree. I almost always run with the signet for the passive because I don't see use for the others.

That banner... unnecessarily underpowered except during very specific circumstances. I want to carry it on my back. The Juggernaut skill, I'm trying to force myself to use it but again, it feels underpowered and sometimes I think it would be better to just wait for cooldowns.

The Spb bubble... well I like it. But I don't like the selfstun of this Berserker spec.

I feel the entire Berserker spec is trash. Personally, because I don't like neither the berserker mode mechanic (cooldown, spam Decapitate, headbutt...) and I also dislike the abilities.

Though I'd like a support EoD specialization, I wouldn't mind another DPS class if they do something like the Spellbreaker who doesn't entirely rely on a single mechanic.

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If you mean PVE I think the banner could use half the cooldown. Most res skills on other classes such as Glyph of the Stars on druid , glyph of renewal on ele, merciful intervention on guardian (not full res sometimes) , search and rescue on ranger, elixir R, signet of undeath on necro are lower cooldown and not elite. Fury , might and swiftness generally aren't the domain of a warrior so unless the might gain is sufficient to replace a healbrand or druid then it is mostly for the emergency res capability.

Head butt is a trainwreck in competitive because berserker is a trainwreck and it self stuns and does no damage. I'm not sure why anyone would use it over rampage.

Signet of Rage's active functions solely as a spiking skill, the 20 might gain in competitive is a large increase in power for a short duration. I don't think it would be broken in PVE if it was 40 cooldown across all modes, there seems to be excessive splitting for no reason sometimes.

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