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Feedback: Official Living World Season 4 Episode 3 Feedback [MANY SPOILERS]



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    I finally get to finish the story.
    This episode living story is amazing, I really enjoy the story. Its very well thought and its beautiful artworks. I love the low gravity leap at the end of it its very clever and put together very well. Thank you anet for this free content! :) I still have so much to do. all of you deserve a good break. I am looking forward for the next story. please do not let Taimi die and bring back you know who.... I like happy ending :P

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  • So yeah I'm a bit late to the party, but I really like the diversity in this new map. Since I also played GW1 I'm loving the nostalgia.

  • I really loved the story. I had the feeling Joko was finally his old (GW1) self again. And then he was dead, which was a bit disappointing for me.
    The Kourna map unfortunately doesn't really get me to go there again much. The renown hearts also were not good (unlike the ones in the main PoF maps, which i really liked).
    Getting the new mount was fine mostly, I do like collections in general. The main problem was people being in a big cometition to kill mobs for it. You had to wait for several spawn cycles until you got the kill. It was quite frustrating.