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  1. Bland traits and the hammer killed it for me. Can we please delete hammer and replace it with spear already? But tbf it is a really solid solo spec for open world or anything pve really, I find myself picking untamed when my Slb nuke just doesn't cut it. Yeah I never use hammer and never will. And It sucks that unleash has such a powerful synergy with only one weapon.
  2. Arbor stone tome page -> pvp lobby into LA portal. Time consuming? Yes. Saves gold? Yes.
  3. Most hero points in EoD are channeling, no fighting there so you can solo them dw.
  4. You know I kinda question that myself. I look back to PoF release and recall how happy that period made me feel, the excitement of new stuff and exploration. Eod din't click the same way for me but it's still content at the end of day, more resources, more events and ofc new shinnies. And now with so many things on the horizon I don't really regret supporting a game I grew up with (kinda).
  5. I kinda agree with you on some parts because shiro imo is extremely energy thirty but the damage is certainly there. Yes it is more effort to play him as opposed to jalis but impossible odds does more damage than those hammers mate. I do miss the super speed but oh well. As for alliance why do you find them lackluster? Saint has excellent sustain for basically 'free', the orange dude is pretty good damage and quickness too. Just put down his spear elite and do your thing?
  6. Ele deserves a longbow spec, please don't make another hammer class, it's a terribly boring weapon to play with.
  7. Hello guys I had a question about crafting the legendary GS Eternity, so about two years ago I got the sunrise and bound it to my account unlocking the skin for transmutes. My question is if I now craft Twilight AND bind that legendary sword to me will I be able to craft Eternity with two account bound Legendary GS sunrise and twilight? And in doing so will I be able to sell that Eternity on TP all the while having both skins unlocked as transmute for my character? I don't want eternity skin to myself just want to make some gold.Apologise for framing that question weirdly.
  8. Skyscale was a mistake but before you say anything yes I have it and I hate how it cheeses everything.
  9. Shadow arts is really strong in pvp and wvw. It also synergizes very well with Deadeye for both offense and defence. You can literally spam death's judgment if you play it right and ofc you can disengage/rez other players safely
  10. Or you can just unequip your shoes? Its a minor stat loss and you can still do almost everything in game.
  11. Nah, this is not required. Legendary trinkets come with this kind of luxury, farm those if you need stat change on the fly that badly.
  12. I think you are confusing the term race with species, idk why these tyrian categories are termed as races when it should be species.
  13. Title says it allI tried ranger longbow with my Pharus and to my surprise the skill 5 has no legendary effects? Its like shooting from a normal bow. (Visual effects btw) Every other weapon has some visual effect so why not longbow? I dont have kudzu so would love to hear from a kudzu player if they have the same problem.
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