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Corrosive Poison Cloud

Crab Fear.1624

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You forgot to say it is still unsplited from pve and lasts for 8 seconds. That alone is crazy since necro have biggest amount of area denial skills already and even the 5 sec passive pulses are too much and are big part of passive gameplay. Also this skill visibility is another thing making it even more annoying like it wasn t already bad enough. I don t understand how this skill is still untouched, it should be nerfed first for very obvious reasons and balance philosophy but i guess necro is just special class. This skill is definition of disgusting like pre nerf smoke screen (btw still usable and played on coordinated teams even with doubled cd).  It needs 5 second duration with weaknes pullsing on first, third and fifth pulse for 1 second duration weaknes if you have no expertise and yes clear visuals. This way it would open up and reward good timing malee plays but still do job of making it less frequent and projectile hate would still be strong but won t uptime 1/3 time with just one skill which also serves as close combat defense. Please don t try to convince me that self weaknes is tradeoff for this skill because it is just another buff on necro class.

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*rubs temples*

I remember back when damage was high and glass was viable, that necros refused to run this and instead came to the forums asking for damage to be toned down on Deadeye/Ranger/Ranged specs.

And now that the megabalance has turned down all the damage they've discovered how useful it is, and it's stacking on top of the fact that they are already running bunker builds.

I hate it here. So much. 

This isn't just a problem with CpC. It's a combination of

  • The megabalance not returning damage to where it needs to be / removing damage from skills and classes that shouldnt have gotten it removed, 
  • The megabalance leaving a small pool of mechanics (like shroud damage reduction mitigation) untouched and overtuned compared to where everything else landed, and the [balancing team] being too busy with getting EoD shipped to address those reasonably quickly
  • Players determined to play the most boring builds imaginable as long as they can be king of a dwindling pool of players that can't take the pvp mode seriously. 

Necro went from underperforming for a long time to overperforming the moment everyone's damage went down. While the overperformance is egregious, necros still deserve a space in the meta. Instead of shanking necro until they're underperforming again, give one or two classes that have clear counters back some of their damage so they can check Necro. Necro does not have the mobility and vigor to keep evading moves forever, so a bunker buster build that can output a lot of damage on slow(wurm and spectral considered) targets would be ideal here.

They have room for buffing with Berserker and D/D Ele. Both of those could be necro challenges if done right, while maintaining their weaknesses to ranged and blind/thieves respectively. Let the necros have their projectile destruction and their weakness pulse. Revenants and Rangers are annoying too, especially vs necros. There should be one or two classes they have a hard time holding up against on their own though, and berserker/ D/D ele are both on the bench. Patch them up. 

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