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Which class to play if i like hacking?


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1 minute ago, Antycypator.9874 said:

If you love skipping dungeons and fractals, then mesmer.

And if you love being called a cheater in PvP/WvW, then thief.

Well I thought a bit about Mesmer. I like the idea of clones and general style of characters as I watched on youtube. 

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Thief and Mesmer are the all-stars here, because they've got stealth, 1200-range ground-targeted teleports, and Portals to warp your team (thief has spammier teleportation and stealth access, especially the ability to chain stealth for far longer than mesmer, while mesmer has the nicer Portal skill). I've had a lot of fun bypassing trap sections in jumping puzzles and fractals/dungeons. You can learn a lot of cool skips and your allies will appreciate you doing them, especially in Fractals.

Other classes with teleports and leap skills can also compete (including Engineer and even Guardian), but aren't as good.

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“Breaking systems and detecting vulnerabilities”. Listen here, it may sound strange, but warrior is the class for you! Why? Every player you fight you have to identify any potential patterns in their gameplay, track stability, invulnerable, dodge count, teleports, and stun breaks, and slowly dismantle their options for mitigating your damage so you can land a heavy CC and hopefully burst them down. 

What if they have stab? Well I’m going to need to swap to access dagger F1, bait a dodge with auto, let them roll, F1 as soon as the roll completes, strip stab. Follow that up with Disrupting stab before they have a chance to cover, swap, arcing, whirlwind, watch their reaction to see what CDs they use and what mitigation they put up. Rinse and repeat until they are downed. 

This message is brought to you by Tyrians For Warriors! Do not trust other classes.

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Daredevil for hacking JPs. Staff 5 to make precise jumps. And in case you mess up, use portal beforehand to save and return to your last good spot.


Mesmers have a lot of CC for destroying defiance bars. Stuns and dazes, along with counterattacks and evades, make opponent waste their skills.

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Only hacking? Would you be against a bit of slashing to pair with this hacking?

All professions have the potential for broken traits/skills combo. There are quite a few bugs in core maps that can be explored or exploited without much profession requirement (Mesmer is one of the "better" choice for those, thought).


- Engineer fit thematically in a "technologic" way.

- Mesmer fit thematically in a "magic" way since you "hack" the mind of your targets.

- Revenant "hack" the mists, downloading "legendary" programs that they use to fight their foes.

- Necromancer cheat death, so...


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