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Cannot log in - stuck at loading screen [Merged]

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2 minutes ago, Parasite.5389 said:

I just defeated Balthazaar, or however its spelled, then none of my skills worked, I could change characters, but now, nothing. Says network issue. Im using the same computer on the internet to type this. Now it's telling me account issue. LOL!

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Just now, Errerprone.7035 said:



Can see the characters, time-out when launching zone.

   Same here. 😞 And the weird thing is, all day yesterday I was attempting to buy some gems off the Black Lion Trading Post, and not only were all the options "reddened" out, when I tried to by them it just gave me a circle of death loop as well. And upon writing a ticket about it last night, I got a reply saying to contact my Steam account. Which seems very weird to me as this was a in game issue, not an account one, and as everything else game wise was working just fine. So what now?


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