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Favorite weapon skins of each type?

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This game seems to have a huge focus on cosmetics. I try hard to match weapons and armor to the theme of a profession. For example, on a guardian, I use bluish colors especially if they can have a flame on them. 

Can you list a few items of each type you perceive to be great looking, while at the same time, matching the theme of a profession?

For example, I really enjoy the look of elementalist-conjured weapons. They are, IMHO, better than legendaries.


Volcanus - best-looking greatsword. Looks amazing on a warrior since I connect "battle rage" to fire and anger. It fits for me.

Caladbolg on any sylvari, especially rangers.


Mjolnir - hands down gorgeous model that can fit guardian, scrapper, or catalyst.

Devil-Rending Axe for revenant


Jormag's Breath - excellent for guardian or elementalist.

Whispering Blade - purple and ethereal, perfect for a mesmer.

Shining Blade is an honorary mention, but it is a legendary. The color palette seems to fit a mesmer particularly well, though.



Glacial Longbow on a guardian,  Vermillion Longbow for a berserker (Rebirth looks good 2), Kudzu on a sylvari ranger


The Predator on a deadeye (Blood Legion Longshot for a cheap alternative or Zafirah's Rifle from gem store), Eternal Forged Rifle for berserker, Arcane Marksman Rifle for an engineer.


Glacial Staff for guardian and support ele, OBLIVION, Sunscythe Staff, Suntouched Staff, Boneskinner Spire/Final Rest/ for necro, Stellar Spire for mesmer, White Tiger Staff for a daredevil...and a lot more.

Honestly, if someone is actually interested I can add many, many more suggestions, but the idea was to look for ideas, not present what I consider the best.

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The profession is just one thing I might use as part of a character's theme, a lot of my character's aren't obviously associated with their profession (for example my ranger wears a lot of blue and purple). But there's some where the weapons match.

My elementalist uses the Destroyer Dagger and Corrupted Shard, for a fire and ice theme, along with the Weaver's Antipodes (even though she's a tempest).

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I like my Moot for mace, but Braham’s is another one I really like

Fav shield for me is the Jade Dragons shield from 2014 BL chests

Fav hammer for me is the decade one

Fav short bow is Champa and Champawat

I love that Halloween focus which is the wriggling tentacle flesh thing. Well, not love, freaked out might be more correct…

Pistols, I love the science ones. In fact the scientific BL skins are all really nice


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I like elegant, sometimes simple, skins. Like:

Cavalier Greatsword
Cavalier Axe
Privateer Rifle
Privateer Scepter
Privateer Greatsword
Privateer Mace
Glacial Sword
Lord Caudecus's Sword
Komalie's Sacrificial Blade
True Mettle
Bloodstone Pistol
Bloodstone Rifle
Cerulean Wand
Aurous Wand
... and many more!

I even continue to use some of these skins after I crafted Exordium, H.O.P.E., Astralaria.

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Soo-Won for everything since they are the moistest. I don't care too much for the Shield/Focus/Warhorn though. Binding of Ipos and Howler.

I don't have a favorite Shield that is in the game. Celestial Compass if it was a Shield Skin.

For non Leggy

  • Sword: Infused Katana, Dreamwalker
  • Hammer: Soul River Hound
  • Longbow: Golden Talon
  • Shortbow: Shadow I guess.
  • Axe: Devil-Rending
  • Dagger: Tahkayun's
  • Greatsword: Belinda's or Menzie's
  • Mace: Illuminated Boreal (actually don't like many maces, wish there was an Ordinary Flail, a Kanabo or a Baseball Bat kind. Security Club would be cool if it wasn't so green.)
  • Pistol: Any SAB Pistol
  • Rifle: Crossbow (could have a lot more cool ones if they'd make unique sounds more often for guns)
  • Scepter: Antonina
  • Staff: White Tiger/Suntouched/Dreamwalker, tough choice
  • Focus: Empowered Boneskinner Totem
  • Torch: Spellfire or Magmatic
  • Warhorn: All the SAB ones with Glitched probably favorite
  • Shield: my arm
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That's a difficult question, because it's not just having weapons fitting with the profflfesion, they need to fit with the general aesthetic and color scheme of a character. 

Consider starting with the color scheme when you try to pick weapons and then everything else, since the color is what's more noticeable.

That said, think about your theme, in my main that's inquest themed I use inquest mk II sword/shield for example. Both aesthetic and colors are perfect. 

You can often find weapons that way, and ofcourse always consider the weapons you get from the specialization achievements, if you use the color scheme each profflfesion suggests in it's own way. 


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