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What happened to line of sight?

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Line of sight has always been buggy in this game.

  • Like you said, aoe skills from on walls that require you to be hanging off the edge.
  • Behind a wall and still get pulled somehow.
  • Trying to shoot an enemy 4 feet away from you? Oh no, there's a tiny bump on the ground that blocks line of sight somehow.
  • Even shadowstepping gets a bit funky with the terrain. 


One day they'll fix these thing, if we're lucky.


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Responding seriously, it's very likely this was Greatsword 5 from a Reaper. The claw is able to travel up terrain, like walls, and then pulls backwards towards the Reaper in a straight line. It works differently from other pull utilities like DH F1 and Engi Magnet, which require direct line of sight. Mesmer Focus 4 and Firebrand Justice 3 can get you if you're on the edge of a wall, but GS5 can get you in some places that may look very safe otherwise.

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On 7/22/2023 at 1:45 AM, ArchonWing.9480 said:

*Laughs in Ranger*

actually having some skill thatto drop above  wall and behind it can make some sense, thing is most of the ones that do it are the that make no sense.

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Only 2 pulls can reach you when you are up a wall without LoS:

  • Mesmer's focus pull, which has a spherical AoE unaffected by obstacle (think of it as a small temporary black hole), and you get yanked above the wall because Anet physics.
  • Reaper's GS#5, which does not travel in a straight line but slide on all surfaces, whatever the direction and mass pull (so no need for being targeted, just need to be in the area of effect and be counted as one of the 5 targets it can pull), and you get yanked above the wall because Anet physics.

so the problem is not so much pulls than Anet's physics.

Also LoS has always been broken. For exemple go in Vale, on one side of the area where the guard are, target a guard/lord on the other side of that area and try to use ranged skills: half of the time you'll have LoS issues. Or tower guards than can pewpew you from walls but you can't because LoS, or oil that are resting on the wall's edge but that you cannot pewpew from certains angles because LoS.

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On 7/21/2023 at 5:09 PM, Reincarnated.1754 said:

What happened to line of sight? 
How come I can be pulled OVER a wall, but I cant use my skills over the wall?

Well, as Einstein said, a line of sight doesn't have to be a straight line. This is due to the curvature of space-time. Maybe a Mesmer with his gravity-well was nearby. 😉

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