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I just fixed WvW balance. You're welcome


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At least the absurdly broken parts.

Design Problem 1, Broken damage: Some skills do WAY too much damage, as in two or even times what they really should be doing. Nobody should be 1shotting anyone from 1200 range or making the old chill reaper look like some discount free to play build.ScourgeProblem: Broken damage with too much sustain, cc and support ability. Constantly nerfing cool-downs/life force wont do anything. Scourge was always pretty bad even during early days if you didn't run sand savant.

Shade (general)

  • The scourge no longer counts as shade for offensive effects. Things like condi removal, barrier, transfusion work just as they did before.
  • Using one shade skill puts all other shade skills on 0.5 second cool down if they are already not on cool down.

Sand Savant

  • Radius enhancement changed from +120 to +30. Traited shade is 210 units.

Possibly repeal a few changes like Path of Corruption and dhuumfire...

RevenantProblem: Hammer damage was put stupidly high, compounded by how ridiculously easy it is to self buff yourself to 100 crit chance and 25might.

Coalescence of Ruin

  • Power scaling coefficients reduced by 40% at all levels.
  • cool down increased from 4 to 5.

Incensed response

  • Grants 3, instead of 5 stacks of might whenever you grant yourself fury

WarriorProblem: Winds of disenchantment is no question an overpowered elite, but for some reason I don't really want to nerf it.Winds of Disenchantment

  • duration reduced from 10 to 7 seconds.

MesmerProblem: Really more of an Spvp problem than a WvW problem; damage spike is a little too high.Greatsword

  • gs 1,2,34 have their power scaling coefficients reduced by 20%

Design Problem 2, No viable alternative to firebrand which kills diversity: Firebrand is basically the old boonshare mesmer, tempest healer, rev resistance bot and healer combined into one. Simply nothing comes even close to being as versatile. Lots of suport classes can heal but can't do jack as far damage mitigation and boons (especially stability).

FirebrandProblem: Too much support relative to other healers (druid, ele). To be fair the problem is that other ele/druid dont offer any form of aoe stab or damage mitigation so you will always have to fun a firebrand no matter what. Still, tomes are too powerful and have no business having comparable cool downs to virtues. If we're going to have dedicated healers, then firebrand should be somewhat interchangeable with ele and druid.

Tome of courage

  • Cool down increased from 50 seconds to 80 seconds.

Tome of resolve

  • Cool down increased from 40 seconds to 70 seconds.

DruidProblem: Offers great healing but doesn't give out critical boons. Should recieve some very generous buffs to support. These changes will only apply to wvw because they would destroy pvp balance.

Resounding Timbre

  • In addition to previous effects, shouts also grant 5 stacks of stability for 6 seconds.

Protect me

  • The 4 seconds of protection is also granted to the 5 five nearest allies.
  • Grants 4 seconds of resistance to all allies

Search and rescue

  • Cool down reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.

Ancestral avatar

  • Skill 1 Cosmic ray- Radius increased from 120 to 180
  • Skill 2 Seed of Life-Converts 3 conditions into boons instead of removing 2. Radius increased from 180 to 240.
  • Skill 4 Rejuvenating tides-Breaks stun. Radius increased from 240 to 300.

EleProblem: Offers great healing, but same as druid it needs to be able to grant boons to compete with firebrand.

Auras (general)

  • Make them stack in duration to improve synergy between other eles. (This used to be the case, idk why the removed this)

Powerful Auras

  • Also extends duration of auras by 2 seconds.

Flash freeze

  • Grants 5 stacks of stability for 6 seconds to affected allies.

Feel the burn

  • Grants quickness and alacrity for 4 seconds to effected allies.


  • Grants resistance for 4 seconds to effected allies

Eye of the storm

  • removes cripple, chilled and immobilization to those affected

Overload Earth

  • initial stability is now also granted to allies.

Rock solid

  • Radius increased from 240 to 360
  • Stability stacks increased from 1 to 3.
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Arenanet won't address concerns directly, as you do. They go around-the-houses with their supposed balance patches. THAT is the main problem with the balance patches, they don't balance anything.

Thanks for your work, it's a great wish list and massive waste of time and effort. :)

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i only see a bunch of random changes some not even adressing anything like the mesmer changes, but you dont state why do you want to change something about the classes and what do you aim to achieve with that. is it class diversity in largescale - smallscale or TTK or whatever. you only say fix what is broken, depending on who you ask pretty much anything is broken, even some of you ideas above for instance stacking auras - can you imagine what a stacking shockaura does in smallscale ? and for your damage point , your proposed changes wont fix that and might cause more damage buffs to keep it in line with sustain.i certainly hope anet does not look just at a skill or a class and change based on that, but rather looking at it all together and define goals what they want to achieve with changes first and then think about how that can be done best.

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I agree with the main idea that you saying here. 100%. I wish Anet would balance in a similar way to what you are suggesting here.

However I disagree with some of the buffs/nerfs or lack thereof.

But yes, I wish Anet would see this and try to balance in this sort of fashion

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With these changes 100% boon duration firebrands and chronos can still do high sustain damage while being practically immortal, spellbreakers still do zerker class damage while being able to tank 5 people due to invoulns and hp regen, thieves still stealth at will and druids still outsustain everything while healing and stealthing.

What balance are you refering to? Because nothing that concerns me is being addressed.

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You didnt even mention EM, on mesmer. Also, you only recommend buffs for druid, a 1v1 king in wvw, which will destroy any wvw small scale roaming. Ele changes as well (flash freeze 5 stacks of stab?)I still failed to see any engi changes suggested (engi is in a far worse state than any class). FB cd stomped to the ground, no spellbreaker changes, just... Only thing i can agree on is nerf of scourge shade radius.

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